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305m VGA extender over cat6 cable

Photo & Video Cameras

The NTI VOPEX CAT5 VGA Video & Audio Splitter/Extender (VOPEX-C5VA-4C) allows you to broadcast up-to-the-minute information to multiple remote monitors in real time using. This high-resolution VGA video splitter (video port expander) drives video from one computer to 4 remote monitor screens up to 600 feet away via inexpensive CAT5 UTP cable. This is the ideal solution for any application requiring the flexibility to share information with several locations. Optional audio functionality using self-powered stereo speakers enhances your presentation.

The VOPEX VGA Video Splitter/Extender system has two components: the VOPEX-C5Vx VGA broadcast unit, which connects to the host computer and also supplies video to a local monitor, and an XTENDEX ST-C5VA-R-600 remote unit (sold separately) for each remote monitor, see also accessories. The units are interconnected by CAT5 cable.

For Video only capabilities please see VOPEX-C5V-4 (local extender) and ST-C5V-R-600 (remote unit).
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