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Jinja Herbal Extracts 750ml

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Jinja Herbal Extracts

Nafdac Number: A7-1733L( As Shown on Picture)
Pharmacy License Number: 016045

Fights bacterial & viral infections. Good for the treatment of infertility in men & women & enhances libido. Purifies the blood, enhances clear vision and smooths skin. Effective for the treatment of hemorrhoid, waist & general body pains. Enhances healthy weight loss. Enhance immune system. Remedy against sugar-related ailments. Can be used as an effective detoxifier.


1. Natural Detoxifier
2. Boost Immune System
3. Rich in Antioxidants
4. Promotes Kidney and Liver Health
5. Fights; Bacteria, Fungi, Viral, parasite disease & STDs
6. Helps Relieve Malaria & Typhoid Fever
7. Regulates Cholesterol
8. Normalizes Blood Pressure
9. Stabilize Blood Sugar Level
10. Hepatoprotective
11. Helps with Weight Loss
12. Aids Digestion
13. Fights Inflammation
14. Boost Male and Female Fertility
15. Arthritis Relief
16. Helps Cough
17. Eases Asthma and Allergies
18. Improves Vision
19. Helps with ulcer


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