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Best Dishwashers and Where to Buy Them in Nigeria

A dishwasher is one appliance every home should have. It is a beautiful convenience for a big family who frequently needs to use dishes. With a dishwasher, you would wonder how you lived without one.

Here, we will look at the average life of a dishwasher, what to look out for, where to buy one, and important features of the best dishwashers.

Average Life of a Dishwasher

The average life of a dishwasher is ten years. However, it can last longer than that, depending on the brand and product. To expand the lifespan of a dishwasher, you can do the following:

Wear and tear: avoid running the dishwasher every night. You can wait until it is full before washing. This will help you save on detergent and washing agents. Some dishwashers come with extra comfort, such as adjustable racks, making it more convenient to add more dishes of differing shapes and sizes.

Quality: Prioritizing cost over quality may become counterproductive in the long run. Low-quality dishwashers can lead to repairs or replacement sooner than anticipated. A more expensive one does not always equate to reliability. Hence, prioritize quality and affordability.

Maintenance: Following the manufacturer’s instructions son maintenance ensures longevity. Scrape dishes before loading them. Clean the filter to avoid clogged food particles. Occasionally running a cycle with a washer cleaning solution to eliminate buildup and improve performance.

Servicing: Only employ a professional technician for repair. An extended warranty from the manufacturer, which includes regular service visits, may also be helpful.

How much does a dishwasher cost?

A new dishwasher costs around ₦399,000 to ₦599,000 on average for a standard 24 inches. Besides, the cost depends on the type, size and brand.

Best Dishwashers

Bosch 800 Series SHP78CM5N

This is the best dishwasher you can find in local and international markets for fast drying. It washes and dries your dishes, with no bead of water left, even on plastics. Special features include adjustable racks with folding tines that can accommodate any cookware, a small spray arm on the end of a regular spray arm, and the ability to set up a deeper cleaning quadrant for stubborn stains. It also has a fast cycle time. However, its controls can be finicky.

Miele G 5266 SCVi SFP

If you want to upgrade to a luxury dishwasher that easily dries dishes, the Miele G 5266 SCVi SFP is the best option. It comes with an innovative drying technology called AutoOpen Drying, where the door automatically pops open at the end of a wash cycle. Other special features include a stainless steel tub, third rack, delayed start, ExtraClean and ExtraDry. It also uses elevated water temperatures and an extended drying period to ensure complete drying.

Bosch 80 Series SGX7B55UC

The Bosch 800 SG78B55UC has a stainless steel finish with CrystalDry to fluff up water after a wash. It is ADA-compliant, meaning it has improved accessibility features. However, it is a bit smaller and can fit into your cabinetry. In addition, it is WiFi-enabled, has a delayed start, a third rack, and AquaStop Plus.


This is another top-notch dishwasher that scrubs out stains and dries dishes. Although it could have issues drying plastic, it does not leave beads of water on the rest of your dishes. It also has other usability features like adjustable racks and foldable tines.

Other best dishwashers include Bosch 500 Series SHPM65Z55N, KitchenAid KDPM80KBS, and Café CDT875M5NS5.

What to look out for in a Dishwasher

Here are the major features to look out for in a dishwasher:


Dishwashers come in diverse finishes, just like other appliances. Most of them boast stainless steel finishes. Finger-print-resistant stainless is a good option because it does not show stains. Another option is the black stainless, although it is more expensive. You may also choose the metallic sheen if you don’t mind using what every other person uses.

If you are opting for higher-end finishes, you will find some bold, innovative models, such as navy steel, Tuscan steel, champagne, and platinum glass.


The wash cycle of nearly the best dishwashers could be normal, heavy or quick. However, higher-end models have more options, although mostly superfluous. You can also find some wash cycles with extra features for more functionality. For instance, a new family with a baby may opt for a dishwasher with a sanitised cycle.

Special features

The cleaning performance of a dishwasher is the most important feature. Every other feature is just to inflate the price and rub the buyer’s ego. However, some have adjustable racks, which can accommodate larger cookware too big for the cutlery basket. Many of the latest models come with stainless steel tubs, ensuring a quieter wash than plastic-lined tubs. Some higher-end models boast a turbidity sensor, letting users detect if dishes are still soiled or thoroughly clean. Just note that the more features a good dishwasher has, the more expensive it can become.

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Where to Buy the Best Dishwashers in Nigeria

There are good places to buy dishwashers. Many people go to big markets to purchase theirs, while others can order online. What is more important is to get the right value for your money. Check out online places like Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and others, for good prices. You can also check top markets in your city if you would love a physical inspection before paying for your order.


Every family needs a functional dishwasher to ease stress. If you have been keen on buying the best dishwashers and don’t know what to look out for and where to purchase them, this article covers such topics.

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