Top Mattress Brands in Nigeria

One of the best mattress brands in Nigeria that’s known for its quality and durability is Vitafoam. Other quality mattress foams considered as Top mattress are; mouka, sara, vono, king koil etc. These are prominent mattress brands in Nigeria, known for their durability and comfort. They offer a variety of mattress types to suit different preferences.

Best Mattress brands in Nigeria

Mouka Foam

Best Mattress Brands in Nigeria

One of the best quality mattress brands in Nigeria is Mouka Foam. Mouka Foam is a well-known and trusted brand that has been in the market for several decades. They offer a wide range of mattresses that cater to different needs and preferences. Their mattresses are known for their durability, comfort, and excellent support. Mouka Foam uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that their mattresses meet the highest standards of quality.

Orthopedic mattresses from Mouka are highly regarded for their quality and health benefits. Mouka Orthopedic mattresses are specifically designed to provide superior support to the spine and joints, promoting proper alignment and relieving pressure points. These mattresses are made with high-density foam and other supportive materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Mouka Orthopedic mattresses are recommended for individuals with back pain or other orthopedic issues, as they can help alleviate discomfort and improve sleep quality.

The average price of Mouka Orthopedic mattresses in Nigeria ranges from 150,000 to 250,000 naira, depending on the size and location.


Best Mattress Brands in Nigeria

Another top-quality mattress brand in Nigeria is Vitafoam. Vitafoam is a leading manufacturer of foam products, including mattresses. They have a reputation for producing mattresses that are not only comfortable but also durable. Vitafoam mattresses are made from high-density foam, which provides excellent support and helps to relieve pressure points. They also offer a variety of mattress options to suit different sleeping preferences and budgets. Vitafoam is among the Top 10 best Mattress Brands in the USA

The price of Vita Foam in Nigeria ranges from 70,700 to 542,700 naira, depending on the size and type.

Royal Foam

Royal Foam is another mattress brand that has gained popularity in Nigeria. They offer a range of foam and spring mattresses.

The price of Royal Foam in Nigeria ranges from 28,000 to 35,000 naira, depending on the size and type.


sara foam 6 by 6

Sarafoam is a Nigerian mattress brand that has gained recognition for its affordable and comfortable mattresses. They offer various types of foam mattresses.

The prices of Sarafoam in Nigeria range from 27,300 to 151,900 naira.


Eleganza is a well-known Nigerian brand that produces mattresses among other products. They offer a range of mattress options to cater to different customer needs.


Simmons is a renowned international mattress brand that is also available in Nigeria. Simmons mattresses are known for their luxurious comfort and superior quality. They use advanced technology and innovative design to create mattresses that provide exceptional support and promote healthy sleep. Simmons mattresses are made from high-quality materials, such as memory foam and pocketed coils, which offer excellent pressure relief and motion isolation. While Simmons mattresses may be on the higher end of the price range, they are worth considering for their exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.

In addition to the above brands, there are other local Nigerian mattress brands that offer good quality products. For example, Sara foam, Mouka Regal is a subsidiary of Mouka Foam that specializes in luxury mattresses. They use premium materials and craftsmanship to create mattresses that provide ultimate comfort and support. Also, Sara Foam is another Nigerian brand that offers a range of mattresses known for their durability and affordability. These local brands are worth exploring for those seeking quality mattresses at a more affordable price point.


One more top-quality mattress brand to consider is Vono. Vono mattresses are known for their durability and superior craftsmanship. They are made with high-density foam and other premium materials to provide excellent support and comfort. Vono mattresses are designed to distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. With their focus on quality and durability, Vono has gained a reputation as a reliable and long-lasting mattress brand in Nigeria.

The price of Vono Foam in Nigeria is around 24,300 to 350,300 naira, depending on size and type.

King Koil

For those looking for a luxury mattress brand in Nigeria, King Koil is a top choice. King Koil is an international mattress brand that is known for its luxurious and high-quality mattresses. They combine advanced technology with premium materials to create mattresses that offer exceptional comfort and support. King Koil mattresses are designed to provide a luxurious sleep experience, with features like pocketed coils, memory foam, and cooling gel layers. These mattresses are perfect for those who value both comfort and style.

The Durability Factor: Long-Lasting Mattress Brands in Nigeria

Durability is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a mattress in Nigeria. Investing in a long-lasting mattress ensures that you get the most out of your money and enjoy a comfortable sleep for years to come. Several mattress brands in Nigeria are known for their durability and high-quality construction.

One such brand is Mouka Foam, which has been a trusted name in the Nigerian mattress industry for decades. Mouka Foam mattresses are designed with durable materials that can withstand regular use without losing their shape or support. They are known for their longevity and ability to maintain their firmness over time.

Another reputable brand known for its long-lasting mattresses is Vitafoam. Vitafoam mattresses are made using advanced technology and high-density foam, ensuring durability and resilience. These mattresses are designed to withstand wear and tear, making them a reliable choice for those seeking a long-lasting mattress in Nigeria.

Where to Buy Quality Mattress Brands in Lagos

Best Mattress Brands in Nigeria

When it comes to buying quality mattress brands in Lagos, there are several reputable options available. One of the most popular places to buy mattresses in Lagos is at dedicated mattress stores. These stores specialize in selling a wide range of mattresses from different brands, allowing customers to compare and choose the best option for their needs. Some well-known mattress stores in Lagos include Mouka Mattress Depot located in every city in Lagos, Vitafoam Mattress Depot which is also located everywhere in Nigeria. These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance and help you find the perfect mattress for your preferences and budget.

In addition to dedicated mattress stores, you can also find quality mattress brands at furniture stores in Lagos. Many furniture stores offer a selection of mattresses alongside their other furniture products. These stores often have a variety of mattress brands to choose from, giving you more options to find the perfect mattress for your comfort and sleep needs.

Another option for buying quality mattress brands in Lagos is to explore online marketplaces. With the rise of e-commerce, many online platforms now offer a wide range of mattresses from different brands. Websites like,,, etc, have extensive collections of mattresses that you can browse and purchase from the comfort of your home. These online marketplaces often provide detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and ratings to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, they may offer delivery services, making it convenient to have your chosen mattress delivered right to your doorstep.

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