Best Places to Buy Land in Abuja

You can imagine the ROI if you buy land in Abuja in one of the best places in the Federal Capital Territory. Abuja is the finest location to invest in real estate in Nigeria. There are several causes for this, but the main ones are that it is the capital city of Nigeria, is developing quickly, provides a high standard of living, and has a lot of undeveloped territory nearby. There is promo land in Abuja, mass housing land for sale in Abuja, land for sale in Lifecamp, Abuja, land for sale in Lokogoma Abuja, and other lands in Abuja for sale in different places.

The land is appealing since it is a relatively “hands-off” investment. When you know these facts, you will realize that Abuja is the place to be, making it the most excellent location in Nigeria for land purchases.

Best Places to Buy Land in Abuja City

There are quite many places in Abuja where you can buy landed property. you can get cheap land in some of these places. So if you want to buy land in Abuja today, whether farmlands, commercial lands, or residential lands, you can get in any location in Abuja. Prices vary according to different locations.


Jahi is a fast-growing district and one of the best places to buy land in Abuja, Phase 2. Continued governmental infrastructure development and Its excellent location near several prime neighborhoods such as Gwarinpa, Kado, and Katampe make it the perfect place to buy land in Abuja.

This is especially true for those who want to buy somewhere near the city center, as Jahi is less than a 20-minute drive from the Central Business District.


Mpape is a large district in terms of population and land size and it’s among the top places to buy land in Abuja. On the whole, the community is undeveloped. However, this underdevelopment makes Mpape a beautiful place to acquire land.

You can imagine the high return on investments achieved by purchasing land in Mpape when considering its underdevelopment and excellent location next to one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Abuja: Maitama.

Additionally, Mpape has a high topography that offers spectacular views of the whole city. When you add this to the upcoming infrastructure improvements, Mpape becomes a definite bet for the intelligent investor.


A little-known neighborhood in Abuja is Dakibiyu. Directly south of Jabi, the district is located in Phase 2. Ring Road 2, a significant thoroughfare that connects several communities from Gwarinpa at one end to Apo at the other, surrounds Dakibiyu. Dakibiyu is considered as one of the best places to buy land in Abuja.

Commercial land for sale in Abuja and Prices

Commercial lands are more expensive than farmlands but cheaper than residential lands. There are also cheap commercial lands, depending on the area in Abuja. The average price of a hectare of farmland in Abuja is ₦1,000,000,000 while the average price of a plot is ₦67,000,000. The average price of an acre of farmland in Abuja is ₦400,000,000

Current Price of commercial land in Abuja
Commercial land for sale in Abuja Price
8,500sqm Commercial land in Jabi ₦ 500m
1 hectare of commercial land in Jabi ₦ 1.2B
Commercial Land in Central Business District ₦ 750m
2.27 Hectares, Leveled Commercial in Mabushi ₦ 2.8B


Farmlands for sale in Abuja and Prices

Buy Land in Abuja

Farmlands are way cheaper than commercial and residential lands. You can get cheap farmlands in Abuja. The average price of a hectare of farmland in Abuja is ₦10,000,000 while the average price of a plot ₦700,000. The average price of an acre of farmland in Abuja is ₦4,000,000

Farmlands for sale in Abuja and Prices
 Farmlands for sale in Abuja Price
Commercial Farm Land 1.5ha at Bwari. ₦ 15,250,000
Farm Land For Sale In Kwali Abuja ₦ 300,000,000
1,300sqm Livestock Farm at Mararaba ₦ 14,500,000
6 Htrs FARMLAND FOR SALE at Paiko ₦ 6,000,000
6 Htrs FARMLAND FOR SALE at Gwagwalada ₦ 15,000,000
Commercial Farm Land Mararaba ₦ 8,000,000
15 Hectares Flat Farmland at Gwagwalada ₦ 32,000,000


Reasons to Own Land in Abuja

Prime Location

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and the city with the highest intentional city density in Africa is a developing metropolis with continuous development in practically all areas. Unbelievably, there is still work to be done. So, the moment is now! The land has not yet been fully utilized or expanded. You might consider Buying land in Abuja today.

High ROI

In the case of real estate, as long as you conduct thorough research and choose wisely, a fantastic ROI is always waiting for you at the conclusion. To buy land in Abuja is just like buying of gold. It’ll surely yield profit in no distant time.
In terms of software, healthcare, education, real estate, and the startup scene, the great metropolis of Abuja has attained the position of a mega-city and has already passed its infancy stage.

This entails real estate costs.
In addition, supply must increase as well. Consequently, you have good news if you are a developer reading this. You won’t ever run out of purchasers as long as your homes are within reach and the market will continue to develop.

Protection from inflation

Since real estate is frequently where excess cash is invested, property values tend to increase as money becomes more widely available. If you buy land in Abuja, You will be protected from inflation and future currency instability if you invest some money in real estate.

Abuja’s development is ongoing. I am considering the vast amount of unused land. Almost any form of real estate is available for investment—business or residential.
Homes or stores. Schools or retail establishments. The investment potential is practically limitless. Less than half of the districts in Abuja have undergone development. Therefore, the vast part of the city is still undeveloped greenery. The focus of development has shifted to the periphery, where there are countless chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain land allocation in Abuja?

If you want to buy land in Abuja, fill out the application and pay the processing fee at a specified bank (N100,000 for commercial land and N50,000 for residential land). To receive a receipt, present payment documentation (teller) to the Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS). Submit the filled-out application together with the paperwork mentioned above.

Which farming in Nigeria is the most profitable?

There are farmlands in Abuja. The three most profitable crops farmed in Nigeria are cassava, maize, and rice, as is generally known. Since cassava has many uses, from food production to industrial usage, it is widely farmed nationwide.

Where can I buy land in Abuja for the highest money?

Property Prices in Asokoro. The price of real estate in Asokoro is one factor supporting the notion that this neighborhood is exclusive to the wealthy. A land tract costs at least 100 million naira to purchase. Depending on size, use, and location, land costs might reach 2 billion naira.

Where in Abuja is the most significant estate located?

Gwarimpa Estate is a built neighborhood in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and it’s a very nice place to buy and in Abuja. It is located in Phase 3. In Nigeria and throughout West Africa, it is the most significant single housing estate.

The land is typically the only asset that doesn’t lose value over time. So, if everything else is equal, a plot of strategically positioned land will increase in value. So buy land in Abuja today if you want to.

I realize that the pricing of this land may make you a little nervous, but if you consider all the amenities and advancements in these places, the land is worth every penny you spend on it. So don’t be afraid to buy land in Abuja.
Therefore, these are the most significant areas in Abuja to buy land if you’re purchasing large parcels for investment purposes or for yourself.


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