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Best 5 and Worst 5 Courier Service Companies in Nigeria

The courier service companies in Nigeria have experienced notable growth over the years, with a wide range of companies providing domestic and international delivery services. This growth has been driven by the increasing demand for fast, reliable, and efficient delivery of goods and documents, fueled by the rise of e-commerce and the need for businesses to connect with customers and partners across the country and beyond.

General Overview of Courier Services in Nigeria

Courier services in Nigeria offer a variety of services including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, bulk shipment delivery, international shipping, and specialized courier services for sensitive documents or high-value items. These services are essential for businesses in sectors such as e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare, where timely and secure delivery of goods is critical.

Despite the growth and importance of courier services in Nigeria, the industry faces several challenges. These include logistical issues such as poor road infrastructure and traffic congestion, particularly in major cities like Lagos and Abuja. Other challenges include regulatory hurdles, security concerns, and the high cost of operations.

Moreover, the quality of service among courier companies in Nigeria varies widely. While some companies are known for their reliability, speed, and customer service, others have been criticized for delayed deliveries, lost packages, and poor communication. This disparity in service quality has led to a mixed perception of the courier industry among Nigerian consumers.

Nevertheless, the future of the courier service industry in Nigeria looks promising. With advancements in technology, such as the use of drones for delivery and the adoption of digital platforms for tracking and payment, coupled with the growing e-commerce sector, the industry is poised for further growth. However, the success of this sector will largely depend on how well courier companies can overcome the existing challenges and improve their service delivery.

Role of Courier Services in E-commerce/Trades

Courier services play an integral role in the e-commerce industry, acting as the bridge between sellers and buyers. They are responsible for the delivery of goods from businesses to consumers, ensuring that products reach their intended recipients in a timely and efficient manner.

In the context of e-commerce, courier services are essential for facilitating international trade. They enable businesses to expand their customer base beyond local boundaries, reaching out to consumers in different regions and countries. This global reach is made possible through the extensive networks of courier companies, which include air, sea, and land transportation modes.

Another key role of courier services in e-commerce is the handling of returns and exchanges. This is an important aspect of customer service in online retail, as it allows consumers to send back products that are defective, incorrect, or unsatisfactory. By managing returns efficiently, courier services help to maintain customer satisfaction and trust in e-commerce businesses.

Courier services also provide tracking capabilities, giving both businesses and consumers the ability to monitor the progress of deliveries. This feature enhances transparency in e-commerce transactions, as it allows customers to know when to expect their orders and businesses to ensure that their products are delivered as promised.

Lastly, courier services contribute to the operational efficiency of e-commerce businesses. By outsourcing delivery tasks to courier companies, online retailers can focus more on their core operations such as sourcing products, managing inventory, and improving their website. This division of labor can lead to increased productivity and profitability for e-commerce businesses.

Brief History of Courier Services in Nigeria

The history of courier services in Nigeria dates back to the colonial era when the British established the first postal service system. This system was primarily used for the transmission of official documents and correspondence between the colonial administration and the British government.

The Post and Telecommunications Department, a unit under the Ministry of Communications, was the main provider of courier services in Nigeria until the late 20th century. This department was responsible for both domestic and international mail services.

In 1985, the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) was established, taking over the responsibilities of the Post and Telecommunications Department. NIPOST was tasked with improving and expanding postal services throughout the country. However, the monopoly of NIPOST was challenged by the emergence of private courier service providers.

The deregulation of the courier industry in the 1990s led to the emergence of numerous private courier companies. This was a result of the Nigerian government’s liberalization policies aimed at encouraging competition and improving service delivery.

Today, the courier industry in Nigeria is a bustling sector with both local and international operators. These companies offer a range of services including express parcel delivery, logistics, freight forwarding, and e-commerce solutions. The industry is regulated by the Nigerian Postal Service under the Courier Regulatory Department.

Despite the growth and development of the courier industry in Nigeria, it has faced several challenges. These include poor infrastructure, security issues, and inconsistent service delivery. However, with the increasing demand for e-commerce and logistics services, the future of the courier industry in Nigeria looks promising.

Pickup and delivery companies in Lagos

GIG Logistics

In Lagos, Nigeria, there are a number of notable courier services that specialize in pickup and delivery. One of these is GIG Logistics. They offer a wide range of services including domestic and international delivery, e-commerce logistics, and corporate courier services. They’re known for their reliable and timely delivery services.

Tranex Courier Service

Another company worth mentioning is Tranex Courier Service. They have been in operation for over three decades and have built a reputation for their efficient and reliable services. They offer both local and international courier services, including air freight and sea freight.

Courier Plus

Courier Plus is another top player in the courier service industry in Lagos. They offer a comprehensive range of services including same-day delivery, bulk mail delivery, and international courier services. They are known for their excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

ABC Transport Courier service

On the other hand, there are also courier services in Lagos that have received negative reviews from customers. For instance, some customers have reported issues with ABC Transport Courier service, citing problems with package handling and delivery times.

SkyNet Worldwide Express

Another courier service that has received mixed reviews is SkyNet Worldwide Express. While they offer a range of services including international courier, freight forwarding, and logistics solutions, some customers have reported issues with delayed deliveries and lack of communication.

Red Star Express

Finally, Red Star Express is another courier service in Lagos that has received mixed reviews. They offer a wide range of services including express delivery, logistics, and freight forwarding. However, some customers have reported issues with customer service and delivery times.

Best 5 Courier Service Companies in Nigeria

DHL Express

DHL Express is a globally recognized courier service that has a strong presence in Nigeria. They offer both domestic and international shipping services. Their reputation for reliability, speed, and real-time tracking makes them a top choice for many Nigerians.

GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics is a Nigerian-based courier service that has grown notably over the years. They offer a wide range of services including express courier and haulage services, as well as e-commerce logistics solutions. Their extensive network of branches across Nigeria and their commitment to timely and safe delivery makes them a preferred choice. GIG motors is 2nd in our list of best 5 Courier Service Companies in Nigeria as of April 22, 2024.


UPS is another international courier service with a strong presence in Nigeria. They offer a variety of services including parcel delivery, freight transportation, and supply chain management. Their global network and commitment to reliability make them a popular choice among Nigerians. Red Star Express is a Nigerian courier company that offers services such as domestic and international express delivery, freight forwarding, integrated logistics solutions, and information and document management. They are known for their speed and efficiency in delivering packages.


Tranex is a Nigerian courier service known for its speedy delivery and excellent customer service. They offer domestic courier services, international courier services, and freight forwarding. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and timely delivery makes them a top choice for many Nigerians.

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Worst 5 Courier Service Companies in Nigeria

CourierPlus Services Limited

One of the courier services that has received negative feedback in Nigeria is ‘CourierPlus Services Limited’. Customers have reported issues with delayed deliveries, poor customer service, and lost packages. This has resulted in a notable number of complaints and negative reviews.

Nationwide Express Courier Services

Nationwide Express Courier Services is a courier service with a less-than-stellar reputation is ‘Nationwide Express Courier Services’. Customers have cited problems with package tracking, unresponsive customer service, and frequent late deliveries. These issues have led to a low rating for the company.

SkyNet Worldwide Express

‘SkyNet Worldwide Express’ is also among the poorly rated courier services in Nigeria. The company has been criticized for its high rates, inconsistent delivery times, and lack of transparency in its operations. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of communication and updates regarding their shipments.

Red Star Express Plc

‘Red Star Express Plc’ is another courier service that has received negative reviews. Customers have reported issues with the company’s handling of packages, with instances of damaged goods upon delivery. In addition, the company has been criticized for its slow response to customer complaints and inquiries.

Speedstar Express Courier Service

Lastly on our selection of poorly rated Courier Service Companies in Nigeria, ‘Speedstar Express Courier Services’ has also been identified as one of the worst delivery services in Nigeria. The company has been criticized for its poor handling of packages, late deliveries, and unprofessional customer service. These issues have resulted in a low customer satisfaction rating.

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