Starting a Fruit Business in Nigeria?

Fruit business is very lucrative in Nigeria. Even though it looks cheap, the financial gain is immense. Unfortunately, many have yet to know the commercial value. Fruit business has helped in sustaining families and household incomes over the years.

There is a lucrative return on investment in the fruit business in Nigeria. With over 200 million population, many Nigerians take fruits. Nearly all fruits are in demand in the Nigerian market.


How to make it Big in the Fruit Business in Nigeria


Packaging is one key way to stand out from others. When you package it well, you can attract good patronage. People are going for natural supplements and reducing sugar intake, making the demand for fruits to go up. Besides, fruits and vegetables have numerous health benefits and are highly recommended by health professionals.

Locally and internationally, fruit market is abundant. You can become a fruit exporter or supplier to local grocery stores and markets. The returns are huge and can help fund your dreams if properly handled.

The major fruits that you can easily venture into include seasonal fruits. Mangoes, oranges, African star apples, avocados, pawpaws, watermelon, etc. are major fruits to deal in. You can even have an avocado plantation where you can export the fruit in large quantities. Both the flesh and seeds of many fruits are marketable and that means you will earn high.

How to Start a Fruit Business in Nigeria


Starting a fruit business is one major challenge traders face. You must consider location when choosing to start because it is valuable in your success in the fruit business in Nigeria. One good thing is that it doesn’t require much from you. You can settle in a junction near your house. You can also choose a central location, as long as the population of that area is high and people frequently use the route. Consider proximity to supermarkets, recreation centers, large estates, schools and places of worship. Ensure people driving cars can easily stop by and pick up your items without breaking traffic rules.

Another important thing to note about fruit business in Nigeria is the capital. Good a thing, you can start small. With as low as 10,000 naira, you can start. But if you want it in a big way, 50,000 naira is enough to start a fruit business in Nigeria. You can begin with banana, mangoes, oranges and watermelon. Then, add apples, pears, avocados, pawpaws and others as you progress. With time, you can expand to a large grocery store, with varieties of local and foreign fruits, which can cost around 200,000 naira.


Fruit business in Nigeria is profitable. Within weeks of starting, if handled properly, you will easily grow. You can even make two times your capital for each trip. However, except you are sure of your market share, buy fruits in small quantities. Since it is a perishable product, there’s no need buying too much because it will end up being a waste of not sold on time. Selling your fruits within three days of purchase is the best. They lose their freshness every day because they are raw.

If you are cutting and packaging them into fruit salads, ensure to properly do so. Cut them nicely and put in transparent takeaway plates. Don’t forget that fruits attract flies and should be considered before packaging so your customers can still find them attractive. Hygiene is an important factor in fruit business in Nigeria. Wash and dry them to keep bacteria away. Discard spoilt ones so they don’t affect the good ones.

It is challenging to preserve fruits. However, cool environment or having a functional refrigerator can help extend the shelf life. You can set your stand under shades to keep them off direct sunlight.


If you want to grow your own fruits and sell it on the tree, you can consider agriculturally grown ones. They can take only four years to start developing fruits and always produce in large quantities. The input isn’t much, but the output is exceedingly great. You don’t need any specific training or education to start. With the business, you can become self-employed or even employ a few workers to help in the farming, harvesting, packaging and selling.


Fruit business in Nigeria is lucrative and will keep giving you money. Buy from fruit farmers or distributors. You can start small because the business doesn’t require any specific knowledge to start. The returns on investment is over 100 percent, depending on your location.

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