Gotv Subscription Prices in Nigeria

Gotv subscription prices in Nigeria vary depending on the package. There are different gotv packages which includes Gotv smallie, Gotv jinja, Gotv Jolli, Gotv max, Gotv supa and finally the recently added Gotv supa +. The super + package shows all premier league matches and some chanpions league matches. They have different channels list.

Gotv Subscription Packages

The most basic package is the Gotv smallie, which provides access to over 25 channels at an affordable price. This package is ideal for individuals who want to enjoy essential entertainment and news channels without breaking the bank.

For those seeking a wider variety of channels, Gotv also offers the Gotv jinja package. This package includes over 40 channels, including popular international and local channels such as Africa Magic, SuperSport Blitz, and Nickelodeon. It is a great option for families or individuals who want access to a diverse range of content.

Gotv also provides the Gotv jolli, which is a more comprehensive subscription package when compared to jinja package. With over 60 channels, subscribers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment, news, sports, and lifestyle content. This package includes popular channels like CNN, MTV Base, BBNaija, more Supersport channels and Discovery Channel, making it suitable for those who want a premium viewing experience.

In addition to these main packages, Gotv offers add-on packages that allow subscribers to customize their viewing experience. These add-on packages include the Gotv Max package, which provides access to additional premium channels like Fox, Sony Max, and BET. There is also the Gotv Jolli package, which offers a mix of local and international channels at an affordable price.

Gotv Channels List in Nigeria

Gotv Subscription Prices in Nigeria

GOtv offers a wide range of channels to cater to the diverse interests of viewers in Nigeria. With a subscription to GOtv, you can enjoy a variety of local and international channels. Some of the popular channels available on GOtv in Nigeria include Africa Magic Yoruba, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Igbo, SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Select 1, CNN, BBC World News, Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, Telemundo, and many more. These channels cover various genres such as movies, sports, news, entertainment, and kids’ programming.

In addition to the local and international channels, GOtv also provides access to free-to-air channels. These channels do not require a subscription and can be accessed even if your subscription has expired. Some of the free-to-air channels available on GOtv in Nigeria include NTA, AIT, Channels TV, TVC News, Silverbird TV, Wazobia TV, and MITV. These channels offer a mix of news, entertainment, and cultural programming, allowing viewers to stay informed and entertained without any additional cost.

GOtv also offers a selection of audio channels that provide diverse music genres. These audio channels include Naija FM, Wazobia FM, Cool FM, Classic FM, and Urban FM. Whether you enjoy listening to the latest Nigerian hits, classic tunes, or urban music, GOtv has got you covered.

Be very aware that the channel lineup on GOtv may vary depending on the subscription package you choose. GOtv offers different subscription packages, such as GOtv Max, GOtv Jolli, GOtv Jinja, and GOtv Lite. Each package comes with a different selection of channels and subscription prices. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the channels available in each package, it is recommended to visit the official GOtv website or contact their customer service.

Comparing Gotv to other Cable TV Providers

Gotv Subscription Prices in Nigeria

The subscription prices for Gotv in Nigeria are generally considered to be more affordable compared to other cable TV providers. Gotv offers a range of subscription packages to cater to different budgets and viewing preferences. Their entry-level package, known as Gotv options available in the market. It provides access to, Lite one the of most affordable a limited number of channels at a lower cost, making it popular for choice budget-conscious consumers. In comparison to other cable TV providers Gotv’s subscription prices are often seen as more and cost accessible-effective.

However, it is important to note that the pricing of cable TV subscriptions can vary depending on factors such as the number of channels offered, the quality of service, and additional features or benefits. Some other cable TV providers in Nigeria may offer more channels or premium content at higher subscription prices. It ultimately comes down to individual preferences and priorities when choosing a cable TV provider.

While Gotv may have more affordable subscription prices, it is also worth considering the channel lineup and content offerings. Some other cable TV providers in Nigeria may have a wider range of channels, including international and premium channels, which may be appealing to certain viewers. It is important to compare the channel offerings and content availability of different cable TV providers to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

In addition to subscription prices and channel offerings, it is also important to consider the quality of service and customer support provided by cable TV providers. Gotv is known for its reliable service and responsive customer support, which adds value to its subscription prices. While other cable TV providers may offer competitive pricing, they may not necessarily provide the same level of service quality and customer support. It is advisable to read reviews and seek recommendations from other users to get a better understanding of the overall customer experience with different cable TV providers in Nigeria.

Gotv Subscription Prices in Nigeria

Gotv subscription prices in Nigeria vary depending on the package you choose. Gotv offers six different packages: Gotv Smallie, Gotv Jinja, Gotv Jolli, Gotv Max, Gotv Supa and Gotv Supa +.

The subscription prices for Gotv festive packages as of May 21, 2024 are as follows:

  • Gotv Smallie 1,300 Naira per month
  • Gotv Jinja costs 2,700 Naira per month
  • Gotv Jolli costs 3,950 naira per month
  • Gotv Max costs 5,700 Naira per month
  • Gotv Supa costs 7,600 naira per month
  • Gotv Supa + costs 12,500 naira per month

Gotv Smallie is the most affordable package and offers a limited number of channels. It is a good option for those on a budget or who only require basic entertainment. Gotv Jinja is a mid-range package that offers a wider range of channels, including sports, movies, and news. Gotv Supa + is the premium package and provides access to the full range of channels available on Gotv, including all premier league matches and other premium sports and entertainment channels.

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Gotv Online Payment Methods

Gotv also offers various payment options to make it convenient for subscribers to pay their monthly subscriptions. You can pay for your Gotv subscription using the Quickteller website or mobile app, through bank transfer, or by visiting a nearby Gotv dealer or office. It’s advisable to choose a payment method that is secure and convenient for you.


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