How to Buy Quality Makeup Products

The price of makeup products in Nigeria depends on what you are looking for. Since there are various kinds of makeup, your makeover and look will determine what to go for.

When hiring a makeup artist, ensure your budget meets the desired look you want. A regular artist charges less than a renowned professional makeup artist. Some professionals can do a great job at affordable prices, while others charge exorbitant prices for the same services. If you want standard service, go for the former. But if you want luxury, the latter will be perfect.

Besides, nothing is worse than spending money on a makeup product and not satisfied with what you got. Good a thing, you can avoid a repeat of it in the future if you pay attention to this article. You will also learn the types and price of makeup products, whether to buy cheap or expensive makeup products, how to buy quality ones, and many more. Keep reading!

Types and Price of Makeup

The following makeup types perform different roles and meet customer demands for various reasons. So, each one you go for will serve a different purpose from the other.

Artistic Makeup: The purpose is to meet the need of a traditional or artistic festival. For instance, if you want to showcase for the Calabar Carnival, Africa’s richest cultural event, you can opt for this makeup. Other examples include the Nigerian Independence, Eyo Festival, Ofala Festival, Durba Festival, and others that require a special costume. Some artists specialize in artistic makeup and can give you the profession touch you need. To get standard artistic makeup, budget around 10,000 to 25,000 NGN. For more expensive ones with intrinsic styles, you can pay up to 50,000 NGN.

Birthday Makeup: If you plan a birthday photoshoot, a birthday makeup is perfect. It makes you feel special and look strikingly beautiful. The price range is the same as a dinner party makeup.

Casual Makeup: This is when you want to have a makeup that nearly does not take away your natural looks. You can even do it yourself. However, with a makeup artist, you can pay around ₦3,000 to ₦10,000 for a regular artist and over ₦20,000 for an expensive one.

Dinner Party Makeup: If you are going for an evening party and need a professional touch on your face, this is what to go for. It makes you look glamorous and stand out. It costs around ₦5,000 to ₦10,000 to have a standard dinner party makeup. But popular artists can charge around ₦20,000 and above.

Professional Makeup: This is for an office or business meeting or even when taking a professional photograph. It gives you a professional look. It costs around between ₦3,500 to ₦10,000 for a professional makeup.

Wedding Makeup: This is the most expensive of all makeup kinds. It requires extra effort and time to make you look stunning on your special. It costs roughly ₦20,000 to ₦50,000. But if you want luxury makeup from popular artists, you will pay over ₦100,000. With a full bridal train, you should budget more, up to ₦300,000, depending on the number of people.

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Which is better – cheap or expensive makeup?

The answer to this question is not straightforward, as there are some elements to consider before making your purchase. Some cheap makeup products can perform wonders, while expensive ones cannot. Some expensive ones may not still give you the actual value for your money. However, if you are contemplating buying some makeup products, the following tips will guide your decision:

Your budget: How much you are willing to pay for the product will go a long way to determine what you can buy. A ₦10,000 budget cannot be compared to a ₦100,000 budget. However, what matters is the result you get from your purchase. But when you can, upgrade to the quality you want.

Where the makeup product will be used: Foundations are better used when they are of high quality, which can also be expensive. This is because your body absorbs a fairly large quantity of these products that come in contact with it. Hence, it would be best if you were more particular about a foundation than a powder. This is the same with other makeup products, such as mascara, eye-shadows, etc.

Your skin condition: Sensitive skin or skin with an issue may affect the quality of makeup products to use. It is recommended that you go for more expensive makeup products. This is because they are made with more enhanced ingredients undergo more rigorous formulation and can help your skin.

The event: The occasion you need the makeup may determine what to use. For instance, you can’t apply natural makeup on your wedding day. It won’t make you glow. The general belief is that less expensive makeup products have less pigmentation and staying power. So, for your big event, you should go for more expensive makeup products.

Overall, experimenting with diverse makeup qualities will help you select the best. Buy what works for you and your clients if you are a makeup artist. Get a good makeup kit, although it can be expensive. However, it has a bit of everything. It may not be only about the price, but the content and ability to satisfy your immediate need and how it made you feel.

How to Buy Quality Makeup Products

Nothing hurts more than spending much money buying expensive makeup products, only to discover they are not the best. But you can avoid this experience if you have the best knowledge of how to buy quality makeup products.

Do your research well: There are many plugs for makeup products out there. But not all have what you need. Hence, research the suppliers and the quality of their products by reading reviews online and asking questions. This is more important if you are not an expert. Asking others for advice and making inquiries about what you want to buy is recommended.

Research ingredients: Some ingredients are unhealthy for the body. Some can also be allergic. Hence, find out what the makeup product is made of before paying for it. Avoid such ingredients as parabens, retinyl acetate, polyethylene, etc.

Don’t go for packaging alone: Good packaging sells the product. It is not enough to conclude on the content. High-quality brands prioritize sustainability in packaging.

Consider shelf-life: It does not make sense to buy makeup products that won’t last. Check the expiry date to know how long you can use the product. Quality makeup products such as eyeliners, powders, brushes, etc. should last at least two years. But know that liquid products have a shorter lifespan, especially mascara and lipgloss.

Know the return policy: Every top brand has a return policy. Some indicate that if you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, you can return it, while some don’t. They give a grace of up to ten days to return the product. Knowing this will help you decide on which brand to patronize.

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Prices of Makeup Products in Nigeria

Here are some of the top makeup products available in Nigeria along with their prices and usage:


  1. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation: Provides a matte finish and refines pores for normal to oily skin types.
    • Price: ₦7,378 – ₦8,830
  1. LA Girl Pro Matte HD Foundation: Offers a matte, long-lasting finish ideal for creating a flawless base​.
    • Price: ₦8,500
  1. Phoera Waterproof Matte Liquid Foundation: Provides full coverage and a waterproof, matte finish.
    • Price: ₦6,500


  1. Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder: Used for setting makeup to control oil and reduce shine, perfect for all skin types.
    • Price: ₦2,980
  2. Milani Mineral Compact Face Powder: This can be used alone or over foundation to control shine and set makeup for a natural finish.
    • Price: ₦3,500


  1. LA Girl PRO Prep Primer: Helps to smooth the skin and create a flawless base for makeup application.
    • Price: ₦8,000
  1. CPD Bang Grip Hydro Primer: Provides a smooth base for makeup, enhancing longevity and reducing the appearance of pores.
    • Price: ₦9,500


  1. Adventure Blend Pro Concealer
    • Price: ₦2,000
    • Usage: Conceals blemishes, dark circles, and imperfections with a creamy, blendable formula​ (Roar Beauty Store)​.

Setting Sprays

  1. Blossom Makeup Grips Seals n Locks Pressurized Makeup Mist: Used to set makeup in place, ensuring it lasts longer and maintains a fresh look.
  • Price: ₦13,000

Other Essentials

  1. Voan Beauties 5-in-1 Fluffy Mink Lash Set: Adds volume and length to lashes for a dramatic eye look.
    • Price: ₦3,500
  1. ADS 2-in-1 Mascara & Eye Pencil: Dual-purpose product for enhancing lashes and defining eyes.
    • Price: ₦2,500

These products are available at various online and physical stores across Nigeria, such as Jumia and Roar Beauty Store. Prices may vary slightly depending on the store and ongoing promotions. You can check them out in your free time.

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Knowing the prices of makeup products in Nigeria will guide your decision to buy. However, it is also good to know how to identify good products and prices for acquiring a professional makeover for your event.

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