How to Set Up a Beauty Salon in Nigeria

Setting up a beauty salon in Nigeria is one of the best decisions for entrepreneurs in the beauty business. People want to look into the mirror and admire the image that graces their eyes. Today, women go the extra mile to look attractive and become the cynosure of all eyes.

Again, being the most part of the body that can bring out or enhance one’s beauty, women are particular about the hairstyle they make. This is the spot the hair salon business comes in.

Virtually everyone patronizes the salon, making a beauty salon a lucrative business in Nigeria. One advantage of this business is that it can be established anywhere, even in your living room or compound. You can also rent a small space in your environment, as long as it is clean and inviting.

If you plan to set up a beauty salon in Nigeria, this article is for you. You will learn steps and requirements to start a beauty salon.

What to consider before venturing into a beauty salon business

The following considerations must be made if you want to run a successful beauty salon in Nigeria:

Have the relevant skills to run a salon business. Knowing how to make hair is not enough to set up a beauty salon. You must understand what it requires to run a successful salon business. It would require your time, effort, and money. Are you ready to give your new business the attention it requires?

Know whether to have a paid staff or run it yourself. If you want a one-man business, it means you will run it yourself, which will require your presence and attention. However, if you are to employ a hand, you may focus on the skills they bring and what they can offer to you and your clients. It is also okay to be available, even though you have a paid hand attending to the customers. Just ensure to have enough knowledge to understand if they are doing their job well.

The class of people to offer services. Not everyone is your customer. Before setting up a beauty salon in Nigeria or anywhere else, you must understand it. So, identify the social class you want your customers to come from. Know what it requires to serve them and what charges to place on your services.

Steps to Set Up a Beauty Salon in Nigeria

Below are eight steps to open a beauty salon:

Identify your salon idea:

You should know what concept of salon you want to establish. This includes the size of your business, design, décor, price range, location, etc. Do you want a luxury beauty salon or something affordable? This will also determine the services you offer and your style of customer service.

Design a business plan:

Having a business plan is among the first decisions before establishing your beauty salon. It lays the foundation for your business operations. A standard business plan includes an executive summary, firm description, geographic analysis, marketing plan, management strategy, financial plan, and more.

Register your business

It is not enough to have a business idea. Registering the business sets it up as an entity on its own. In Nigeria, businesses are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). If you want, you can trademark your salon name to avoid people copying your style and ‘shining’ with your salon’s success.

Choose the appropriate location

Your business location contributes to its success. Look for a place with good visibility and foot traffic to set up your beauty salon. The size and interior of the salon should also be considered when selecting the location.

Set up your beauty salon

In establishing your salon, you need the necessary equipment. Outline everything you need and identify where to buy them cheaper. In everything, consider your budget so you don’t run into debt. You can buy the most important equipment and gradually get others as you grow in business.

List your services

Your services are the reason your unique customers visit. They must reflect your salon’s idea and brand. When people in your area mention your salon, your unique services must come to their mind.

Have a complimentary card

A business or complimentary card is necessary for your potential customers to contact you easily. Issuing them a complimentary card shows how serious you are with your business. You never can tell who may bump into it and contact you.


It is good to charge high if you are dealing with a luxury beauty salon. However, do not go overboard and chase your customers away with price. Moderate pricing will help you to retain your existing customers and attract new ones, as long as you know what you are doing.

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Equipment to set up a beauty salon in Nigeria

The hair salon business requires basic equipment to start. Whether you run a home service or have a shop, you need the right equipment. Ensure they are within your budget and can serve your needs. You wouldn’t want to buy a tool twice; hence, quality must be your hallmark. Some of the necessary equipment to set up a beauty salon in Nigeria are listed below:

  • Wash hair basin
  • Steamers
  • Standing dryer
  • Curling iron
  • Hair straightener
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Brushes
  • Mirrors
  • Trimming scissors
  • Combs
  • Table with drawers
  • Carts and trolleys
  • Rollers
  • Fan/air conditioner
  • Towels and towel warmers
  • Relaxer
  • Nail accessories
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Flat-screen TV and a satellite decoder (optional)
  • Generator for standby power
  • Air conditioners (optional)

How much to charge per hair?

To make a standard hair in Nigeria, you must have at least 5,000 NGN. Attachment cost is not included. To weave your ordinary hair costs around 1,000 NGN. To make other kinds of hair, you may pay higher or lower, depending on the complexity or simplicity.

How much does it cost to establish a standard beauty salon in Nigeria?

To establish a standard beauty salon does not cost much. You need as little as 500,000 NGN due to the equipment cost and other items.


Looking good is good business. If you want to set up a thriving beauty salon in Nigeria, the tips above will help you.

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