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How to set up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria

In a country like Nigeria where men have their hair cut or shaved at least weekly or biweekly, owning a barbing salon is sure to make one a successful entrepreneur. This requires setting up a standard barbing salon. When it is properly managed, the business can rake in good fortune by the end of the month. Fascinatingly, only a little capital is needed to establish it.

Looking good is no longer a female thing nowadays. Men also want to look their best. A professional barber is needed now than before to cater to the growing needs of average Nigerians looking to have their hair cut and styled.

Besides, with the unemployment rate in the country, skills like barbing salons are necessary to establish yourself. It will help you chart a course to become financially independent.

If you are interested in setting up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria, this article will take you through the journey. You will learn how to set up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria, what makes a barbing salon standard, the equipment necessary to set up one, etc.

What is Barbing?

Barbing involves the art of grooming, cutting, or styling the hair to enhance its appearance. It is beyond obtaining a haircut. Looking good is the aim because the barber will employ creativity and competence in carrying out the task. Being a barber makes you a professional in giving people a nice appearance. People feel good about how they look and are willing to pay the price.

What is a Barbing Salon?

A barbing salon is where people get their hair cut and styled. Men and women can patronize a barbing salon to look good and presentable. It is typical of men to cut or shave their hair and beard.

What makes a standard barbing salon?

Before labeling a barbing salon as standard, you must consider a few things explained below:

Good hygiene: Since barbing requires coming in contact with many people and serving them using the same tools, it is important to make sound hygiene your ultimate. Keep the environment as clean as possible. Always sterilize your tools and use good air fresheners to keep the room fresh. Avoid littering the place with hairs, but sweep immediately.

Good equipment: Ensure the equipment is in good condition. Repair faulty ones. You wouldn’t want to keep adjusting clippers while working on a customer’s hair because they are faulty. Fix and service your generator set when faulty. Ensure to have your towels, sterilizers, brush, clippers, etc. in good condition. Replace damaged ones.

Good salon design: A standard barbing salon must be beautifully adorned and spacious. Install wallpapers to make it appealing to customers. Put comfy chairs in place for waiting customers. ‘Tush up’ everywhere to look inviting and relaxed. Then, accentuate it with trendy music or movies for entertainment.

Requirements for a Standard Barbing Salon

To set up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria, you need the following equipment:

A shop for the business: Be innovative in looking for a location. Setting up your business in a busy area attracts more customers. You can also attach your shop to a hairdressing salon or share a space with them. While choosing a good location, consider furnishing the interior and exterior to attract good customers.

Clippers: Two clippers must be available in your shop to make it easier when one misbehaves. Also, you may need an extra hand sometimes, which would be easier when you have a supplementary clipper. A clipper costs around ₦15,000 in Jumia.

Standby generator set or solar panel systems: The power supply history in Nigeria is epileptic. Hence, you need a generator set or inverters to have a stable power supply. This will help you curb any inconveniences a lack of power supply may cost you. Although solar energy is expensive, its value is experienced over time when you weigh it against the cost of buying petrol for your generator. However, if you are low on cash, you can start with a second-hand ‘I pass my neighbor generator,’ which is less than a hundred thousand naira.

Sterilizers: Every barbing salon must have sterilizers to keep the equipment free from germs. This is also in compliance with the health and safety standards of the industry. A sterilizer costs around 2000 NGN.

Wallpaper: You can design the interior of your shop with good wallpaper. It does not only add to the aesthetics, it makes your customers feel at home and relaxed.

Wall mirror: This is affixed on the wall opposite the customer’s seat. This enables them to admire themselves and see what you are doing on their hair. You can get a standard mirror at around 25,000 NGN.

Rotating chair: A rotating is what your customer sits on to make it easier for you to stand at a point and work on their hair while rotating them to the side you want to. You can get a second-hand one at ₦15,000.

Fan: It is best to use a ceiling fan if your shop is small. However, if you can afford a chargeable one, it will be more convenient. Budget between ₦20,000 and ₦40,000 for a standard fan.

In addition to the above, you can rent an existing barber’s shop place to make it less expensive to acquire brand-new items.

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Other essential tools to start a standard barbing salon in Nigeria

  • Hair Relaxer- ₦1500
  • Hair conditioner- ₦1500
  • Hair comb sets -₦1000
  • Professional barber’s duster – ₦2000
  • Hairbrush- ₦1500
  • Barber’s neck strip- ₦2000
  • Long shaving brush and slot- ₦1500
  • Neck Tissue paper- ₦2000
  • A television set with a sound system and a decoder – ₦50,000

Barbers’ Association Registration Fee in Nigeria

Barbers have an association across Nigeria, which you must register as a member before you can operate your business. In Lagos state, the association is called the Lagos State Barbers, Hairdressers, and Cosmetologists Association (LABHCA). The registration is around ₦20,000 – ₦50,000.

How to Set Up a Standard Barbing Salon in Nigeria

Here are simple steps to establish your barbing salon:

Acquire the skill: You need a skill to enable you to set up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria. You can obtain the skill as an apprentice or at a vocational school some people even learn from their friends or self-educate themselves. Whichever way, the skill is as important as the business. Competency is vital.

Register your business: Registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and any official barbing salon body in your state or locality is necessary. After the registration, you are officially ready to welcome your first customers.

Set up your business: How do you want your interior to be? How do you want to arrange things to give your customer a feel-at-home impression? You can employ a professional to help you arrange your things perfectly. If the space is small, you can manage it better if you know how to put things right.

Build a team: Except you want to run a one-man business, building a team is one approach to expanding your business. You can partner with a nearby hotel to let them direct any customer requiring a barber to your shop. You can also employ part-time workers to help on busy days, especially on weekends.

Build an online presence: Thriving businesses have learned to establish an online presence to reach more customers. Create a Google business profile to make it easier for those searching for a nearby barbing salon to easily get your phone number and locate you.

Is a Barbing Salon Business Profitable?

Barbing salon business is one of the looked-down businesses in Nigeria that rake in daily-alert money. If you can secure a good location, you can make at least ₦10,000 daily on a favorable day. On other days, you may make an average of ₦5,000.

In conclusion, setting up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria is a great way to set yourself up financially. Be reminded that you must not be a professional barber before you can own a barber’s shop. However, you can also own a shop and expand your business as you progress. The information in this article will help you set up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria.

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