List of Baby things to Sell in Nigeria

The list of baby things to sell in Nigeria is numerous, including baby food, bedding, clothing, baby toys, baby toiletries, and other baby equipment. Nigeria has a sizable market for selling infant products, including diapers, prenatal supplies, toys, clothing, shoes, and many other items associated with children. In Nigeria, there are numerous chances for the sale of infant products.

Every year, a large number of children are born in Nigeria. A report estimates that 5.2 million infants were born in Nigeria in 2016. Since then, the number has been rising. We will be counting 30 billion people in many years due to the rapid population growth in Africa.
This article will consider the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria, so keep reading!

List of Baby Things to Sell in Nigeria

The list of baby things to sell in Nigeria includes; sets of baby baths, baby clothes, toiletries (baby soap, lotion, towel wipe etc), baby beds, baby feeding equipment (including vacuum flask), baby food, baby furniture (baby wardrobe, baby clothes dryer).

Baby Clothes

This is the first thing and most important baby item when it comes to the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria. You purchase baby clothing or accessories from certain stores domestically or overseas, sell them to your consumers, and earn from the sales.

A benefit of this business is that it can be launched from home with little capital, depending on how you go about it.
If there are fewer babies around, for example, this business may not be able to thrive. Given that infants are born every day at a regular and consistent rate, this does not appear to happen anytime soon.

In addition, you can choose whether you want to sell clothing for boys, girls, or both. You can sell only dresses or just skirts and tops. You can choose only to sell formal attire, or you can sell jeans and T-shirts.

You can choose the age group you will serve and cater to, which is another business component. Even though you interact with them, you still have control over the age of the babies you will be working with.
You have the option of starting your business from home. When you have a supply of garments, you should store them and keep them in a location in your house.

Ensure the area where you store them is neat and organized to prevent the garments from collecting dust and becoming soiled, which can significantly lower your chances of selling them.
If you have enough cash, you may rent a store and start a business there, selling baby clothes.
If you rent a store, make sure it is in a busy area where customers can readily see and purchase from you.

Baby Diapers

This is the next after-baby clothes on the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria. In Nigeria, where there are more than 198 million people, and an average of 6 infants are born to every woman, selling diapers will bring in money even if you shop at a lonely street corner. A daily consumable is diapers. It sells quickly enough to boost your bottom line.

In Nigeria, the need for infant diapers is rising daily. Diapers for babies are a necessity for nursing mothers. In Nigeria, diapers are used to care for almost 80% of babies. Due to the reasonable price, there is no distinction between children born into wealthy households and those from less affluent homes.
Baby diapers have a monthly turnover rate of nearly 10 billion naira.

That market is huge. A more significant portion of the national turnover goes to some states than others. Even if your city only receives 50 million naira in monthly sales, that is still a sizable percentage for you.
Baby diapers are also in high demand around the nation. Any rule or belief does not constrain it. Reducing newborns’ bum rashes is one of its advantages.

Therefore, selling diapers where you live in Nigeria would allow you to start earning money.
For every new baby, the demand cycle might extend to two years. In light of this, every infant requires diapering for the first two years following birth.

The majority of baby diaper brands, however, have limited availability in the nation. Either way, they are seeking retailers and distributors to market their goods. And one of them might be you, either as a retailer or a distributor.

Baby Bedding

List of Baby things to Sell in Nigeria

This is one of the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria. The quantity of chemicals in our daily life worries a lot of families. We can lessen the number of chemicals in the house even if we cannot eliminate all the chemicals our family is exposed to.

The importance of surrounding a newborn with natural items cannot be overstated when a new baby joins the home. It only makes sense to ensure that newborns rest in a secure setting because they spend approximately half the day asleep.

The baby bed market has been expanding steadily over the past several years, and it is anticipated that the market will grow significantly throughout forecasting. It takes number three position after baby diaper when it comes to list of baby things to sell in Nigeria.

The key elements driving the global market include an apparent preference for nuclear families, rising consumer spending power, increased requirements and understanding regarding baby safety, and rising infant mortality rates. Furthermore, people are buying more baby monitors thanks to the growing popularity of online retail platforms.

Baby Skincare and Hygiene Products

Baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder, and sunscreen for babies and children are among the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria; adult skincare items, such as sunscreen, are not included.
Here is a list of Baby skin care products you might want to start with

Johnson’s Baby oil

parents have relied on this time-tested product for years. Johnson’s Baby Oil is one of the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria and it’s excellent for calming and nourishing a baby’s skin. It can also be used to massage oneself to sleep.

Pears Baby Cream

In Nigeria, Pears is a reputable company with soft and moisturizing products. Pears baby cream is one of the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria. Their baby lotion keeps your baby’s skin supple and nourished all day and is hypoallergenic and non-greasy.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

This lotion’s natural colloidal oatmeal formulation makes it ideal for infants with sensitive skin. Aveeno Baby’s Everyday Moisture Lotion is a fantastic option for everyday usage because it is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free and it must be included in the list of baby things to sell in Nigeria.

Cusson’s baby cream

Cussons Baby Cream’s luxurious and creamy formula is a favorite among Nigerian parents. It’s perfect for maintaining the suppleness and moisture of your baby’s skin.

Plastic Baby bottles

Baby bottles come in various designs, materials, and sizes. For instance, the size of the nipple holes determines the flow rate of bottles, which come in multiple sizes and are composed of various materials. Finding a bottle that best fulfills your baby’s nutritional needs will be simpler for parents aware of the multiple types of bottles available.

Cost of Starting a Baby Store Business in Nigeria

You will need 1,000,000 naira in startup funds to create a modest baby goods firm in Nigeria. You will need this cash to purchase everything required to launch the business. You need money to rent a store, furnish the store, and buy things.

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Things

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List of Baby things to Sell in Nigeria

What is the most critical infant product sold in Nigeria?

Millions of infants are born each day in Nigeria. Clothing, creams, and other bathing supplies will be required for all infants. Selling all these to expectant mothers and new mothers can bring in money. You need to be strategically positioned in this industry to enhance sales.

Is baby clothing a viable source of income?

Clothing for infants and children is one of the most lucrative industries in retail. Samples are commonplace for fashion publications. Describe your home-based business, yourself, and your motivations in a letter. Select one or two of your favorites, then send the publications the packets along with your selections.

Is selling baby products a successful business?

Babies often range in age from one to three. You’ll need to provide them with clothing, plates, utensils, and bathing supplies during this time. Because of this, the company is quite successful. Baby items’ profitability is also attributed to the industry’s rarity compared to Nigeria’s clothes industry.

How many births have occurred this year, as you can see by looking around you? You can infer from this that there is a market for baby things. Not just the market but also that which will be expandable and sustainable. You can go to the hospital in your area on a prenatal day to see things for yourself; you’ll be stunned by the number of pregnant ladies there. Therefore, selling baby products is a very lucrative business.

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