Price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria Today

Consumers need to stay informed about the recent changes in the price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria today, May 21, 2024. Unfortunately, producers did not stick to their agreed price with the government, which would have been between N7,000 and N8,000 per 50kg bag due to the high cost of materials in Nigeria today. Hence, the current price of Dangote cement is ₦11,000 to ₦12, 500 per 50kg bag, depending on the location.

Dangote company in late 2023, had announced that it’ll crash the cement price by over 50%. If that happened, the price of Dangote cement would have crashed from ₦5,400 but ₦2,700. Wholesale prices would also have crashed by 50%. However, the fluctuations in the value of the naira to the dollar and increased demand occasioned by the Federal government’s plan to start using cement for highway concrete construction have forced cement prices to skyrocket.

On the wholesale side of things, Dangote has reduced the minimum wholesale quantity to just 100 bags for bulk buyers. The average wholesale price of cement in Nigeria is ₦10,500 per bag and ₦4,800,000 per trailer load.

Recent Changes to the Price of Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement, one of Nigeria’s leading cement manufacturers, has recently witnessed several changes in its price. These changes are primarily influenced by various factors such as inflation, currency fluctuations, production costs, and market demand. It is important to note that the price of Dangote Cement may not be the same across different regions in Nigeria due to transportation costs and local market dynamics.

In the past few months, there has been a slight increase in the price of Dangote Cement. This can be attributed to the rise in production costs, including raw material expenses, energy costs, and transportation charges. However, it is worth mentioning that Dangote Cement has made efforts to minimize the impact of these price changes on consumers. Late last year, the company announced that it would crash the price of cement in Nigeria from ₦5,200 to ₦2,700. However, even with the recent crash in retail price at ₦11,000 to ₦12, 500 per 50kg bag, a bag of Dangote Cement remains competitively priced compared to other cement brands in Nigeria.

Price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria

price of dangote cement

Dangote Cement is one of the most popular and widely used cement brands in Nigeria. It is known for its high quality and durability, making it a preferred choice for construction projects across the country. The average price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria today May 21, 2024 is around ₦11,000 to ₦12, 500 per 50kg bag. Our findings show that industrial locations such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt see most of the demands.

These prices aren’t the same for bulk purchases or for customers who have established long-term relationships with the company. In such cases, discounts or special pricing arrangements may be available. It is advisable to contact Dangote Cement directly for bulk or wholesale buying.

Wholesale Price of Dangote Cement

price of dangote cement

The wholesale price of Dangote Cement depends on the location and the cost of supplying the dealer from the factory. Dangote Cement has a wide distribution network across Nigeria, which helps in reducing transportation costs. However, the price may vary depending on the distance from the manufacturing plants to the distribution centers. Additionally, production costs, including raw materials and labor, can also impact the wholesale price. Market competition plays a role in determining the price as well, as distributors may offer discounts or promotions to attract customers. The average wholesale price of Dangote cement is ₦4,800,000 per trailer load and ₦9,000 – ₦11,300 per bag.

Tips for Buying Dangote Cement at the Best Price

When it comes to buying Dangote Cement at the best price in Nigeria, several tips can help you make a smart purchase. Firstly, it is important to compare prices from different sellers or retailers. This allows you to identify the best deals and find the most competitive prices available in the market. Additionally, consider buying in bulk as this often leads to discounted prices. Many sellers offer discounts for larger quantities, so purchasing in bulk can help you save money.

Also, consider purchasing directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributors. By eliminating middlemen, you can often get better prices as well as ensure the authenticity and quality of the product.

Timing can play a role in getting the best price for Dangote Cement. Prices can fluctuate depending on market conditions and demand. It can be beneficial to monitor the market and observe any patterns or trends in pricing. For example, prices may be lower during periods of low demand or when there is excess supply. By being patient and waiting for the right time to buy, you can potentially get a better price.

Finally, consider negotiating with sellers. In some cases, they may be willing to offer discounts or negotiate the price, especially if you are purchasing in large quantities. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better deal, as it can save you money in the long run.


John Asuquo Effiong
13 January 2024

I wanted to buy 40 bags of cement

Nwogo Azuka
1 February 2024

Dangote outlets are making things very difficult for buyers. Around my area in Asaba and Kwale areas Dangote cement is currently sold for 6 k to 6,500. Even when one wants to buy en bulk like half a trailer, they charge almost same amount. Please I want to find out if I can buy directly from the company and where can be nearer to someone in Kwale delta state.

4 February 2024

I want to joining wholesale from your company

Zaharaddeen salisu
5 February 2024

I want to buy 15 bag of cement

Pearce Sam
7 February 2024

I want to buy 600bags of cement in Asaba area. Any seller around Asab ?

8 February 2024

The cost is so so high at MATOGUN ifo local govt ogun state,they sell 6500. Is there any means of getting it cheaper for those that want to buy from 20 bags upward bcos things are hard thing time around. Thanks

Audu danlami
8 February 2024

I need one trailer

8 February 2024

I need 20 bags of cement

Tobi Ajetunmobi
8 February 2024

I want to buy 100 bag in wholesale in iwoye ilogbo ota Ogun state

Ayo Ken
11 February 2024

Distributor @ warri delta state…. Are selling trailer load at 7,3m…. We dieing here…. Poor man can’t build again…. Let d poor breath 🫁.. God is watching

12 February 2024

I wanted to by 150 bag of cement

Anudu Kingsley
12 February 2024

How can I join your company whole group

12 February 2024

I need 40bag of cement

13 February 2024

Please update your information. The retail price today is 8,400 in many places in Nigeria

14 February 2024

Good morning sir/ma, I need 100 bags of cement at Mowe axis in Ogun State. How can I go about it. I need it on Friday 15th February 2024.

Thank you
Olaitan O.

14 February 2024

I need 700 bags of cements

14 February 2024

I want to buy 40 bags of cement

14 February 2024

Getting the cement in kaduna at the price mentioned above is almost not visible and impossible because it seems almost everybody in the state are racketeering the product by making advantages of the situation

15 February 2024

I need 200 bags of cement,to shimawa

15 February 2024

How can i get trailer that will be offloading to my shop

15 February 2024

Please, how can I be buying directly from the manufacturer?

Hauwa Aliyu
15 February 2024

I need 120 bags at okehi kogi state

16 February 2024

I need 50 bags in wholesale price

17 February 2024

Please what is the price of the cement today to become a distributor.
And how do I go about it to become the Dangote distributor?

Fifii blessing
19 February 2024

Pls I want to register my company with your manufacturers. We consume huge amount of cement weekly. Pls reach out to me.

My office location is central area around wuse, Abuja. 09137321063

20 February 2024

I need one truck of Cement email

I one become disresbutore

27 February 2024

How can I get 100bags of cement

29 February 2024

I need 350 or 250 bags for my project wholesale price in asaba Delta state by Tuesday 3/5/2024 . And will need a lot more within the next few months. is my email address. No scammer.

Lawal Adetayo
3 March 2024

How much is 1 trailer of cement in wholesale price now

Victor William
4 March 2024

Please I want A trailer of Dangote cement to be deliver in Lagos,ota ogun state.
How much for everything?

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