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Price of Gas Carburetor for Generator, Cars in Nigeria

Gas Carburetor for generator price in Nigeria has seen an unbelievable hike in price due to high demand in Nigeria. The high price of petrol in Nigeria birthed the new gas carburetor for generator technology. It’s estimated that 1 kg of gas can last up to 3 hrs in generators depending on load. In smaller generators, it can last up to 5 hrs.

The current cost of cooking gas per kg in Nigeria today is ₦1,000. Gas carburetors are very much more economical than fuel when compared to the current cost of fuel today. It’s also durable and as such, doesn’t easily goes faulty. In the gas carburetor for gen, there’s a place where you can switch to fuel in case you still want to use fuel sometimes.

This means that, you can still use fuel while the gas carburetor is installed. This is why it’s called dual petrol generator carburetor. There are gas carburetors for cars and also gas carburetors for generators.

Petrol was selling for ₦200 from January to 28th of May 2023.  When the new government took over on the 29th of May 2023, petrol subsidy was removed and petrol rose from ₦200 to ₦550. Gas carburetors are very easy to install. It takes an average of 10 mins for installation.

Why use Gas Carburetors?

  • They’re very durable.
  • Less expensive than petrol
  • More economical than using petrol carburetor
  • Gas carburetors are smokeless
  • They’re dual carburetors (could be used for petrol and gas)

Gas Carburetor for Generator Price in Lagos

There are Gas carburetor for generator for sale in Lagos State. We have gas carburetors for sale all over Nigeria. The gas carburetor for generator works in both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine. It’s far better than buying petrol at 500 naira. A kg of gas will last longer than a litre of petrol. A litre of petrol lasts 2 hrs in big generators of 3 kva to 4.5 kva but a kg of gas will last 3 hrs in same generator of same capacity. The average price of gas carburetor for generator is ₦15,000. When buying a gas generator for carburetor, be rest assured to get the one that’ll suit your generator capacity. Some gas carburetors have capacity to serve 1 to 3kva generators, some serve 3kva to 4.5kva generator. Some are designed to serve 5kva to 10 kva generators

Gas Carburetor for Cars Price

Car gas carburetors fits very well in cars and it’s compatible with virtually all engine types. Whether 6, 8 or 12 cylinder engines. The carburetor allows gas to enter smoothly inside the combustion engine. One of the major advantages the gas carburetors have over the petrol is that it doesn’t bring out smoke as it’s smokeless. One good thing about the gas carburetor is that it you don’t need to buy another generator or car engine. All you need is just an upgrade with the old or existing engine. The average price of gas carburetor for cars in Nigeria is ₦45,000. The gas carburetor for cars is made of a high quality metal material that’s wear-resistant. It’s known for its durability. So be rest assured that you’re buying a very high quality material.

Where to Buy Gas Carburetor for Generators, Cars in Nigeria

Gas carburetor for generators are virtually sold in every spare parts market across Nigeria. You’ll get gas carburetors for generators and cars anywhere they’re selling generator parts and motor spare parts in Nigeria. In Lagos, Portharcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Kano, Makurdi, Owerri, Benin, and every other major city in Nigeria has spare parts market. You can still buy gas carburetors for generators online.  Gas carburetor for generator is sold online on Betasales.Ng and Konga

Gas carburetor for generator can be found in the major spare parts market in Lagos. You can get it in the following spare parts market listed below;

  • Ladipo spare parts market
  • Alaba international market Ojo
  • Spare parts market Iyana Ipaja
  • Spare parts market Iyana Oba close to Lagos State University


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