Price of Hair Attachment in Nigeria

The price of hair attachment in Nigeria depends on the brand and quality. The different brands include; lush hair attachment, expression hair attachment, darling hair attachment etc. The expression attachment has big and small sizes with different prices. The braided wigs attachment are more expensive than the raw attachments; the human hair braided attachment wigs and the blends.

Hair attachment is one the most important part of a woman’s fashion. The Price of Hair  Attachment  in Nigeria depends on the quality and brand. There are various types of attachment hair:braids,weave-ons,crochets and many others.

Hair attachment  comes in different colours, there are colours like:black,gold,pebble,pink,green,blue,white,wine and many others. It also comes in two sizes which are big and small. Most women choose the colours of attachments hair based on their complexion.

Which means if you are fair,you could likely use gold and other bright colours. The same thing goes for those with dark complexion.

There are varieties of hair which could be made using hair attachment,some of these are:Ghana weaving,bob Marley, twisting,shuku,knotless braid,pick and drop and other hair styles you might like.

There are three major companies in Nigeria that produces attachment hair,these companies are:lush,darling and expression. There are two main category of attachment which is synthetic and human hair.

How To Know Original Attachment

Attachment is so popular in the market as of now, be it synthetic or human hair. Attachment is added to the original hair to make it thicker,longer and fuller. They are also called hair extensions.

Because of how popular attachments are In the market,counterfeit companies are now making less qualities attachment. Women should know how to tell an original attachment apart from a low quality one.

A woman who can not tell a low quality attachment from an original one is said to be less fashionable. These are ways to know an original attachment.

  • Price: You would know an original hair attachment from the price. Original hair attachment is expensive while the counterfeit once are so cheap.
  • Colour: You would know an original hair attachment from it’s colour. An original attachments colour is very shiny while the fake once are dull. An original attachment has various colours and are indicated by colour numbers.
  • Texture:You would  know an original hair attachment through its texture.An original hair attachment  is very soft to the touch,when combed, it is tangle free. It could be used for curls and straight braids. An original attachment could be used multiple times when used and maintained properly by the final consumer.


Where to buy attachment hair in Nigeria today

Nigeria has an increasing amount of people in need of hair attachment. There are various places where you can buy hair attachment in Nigeria. Some of these places:

  1. Local Beauty Supply Stores: Many local beauty supply stores in a lot of cities across Nigeria sell a wide range of hair attachments. You can go to these stores to find a variety of options in different colors, lengths, and styles.
  2. Markets: Nigerian markets are filled with alot of  vendors selling different products, including hair attachments. You could go to well known markets such as Balogun Market in Lagos, Badagry Market in Lagos ,Alaba Market in Lagos,Wuse Market in Abuja, or Onitsha Main Market in Anambra to find various hair attachment options.
  3. Online Retailers: online market places has become very popular in Nigeria, and you can find different online retailers selling hair attachment. Websites like Jumia, Konga, and Jiji are well known platforms where you can search for and buy hair attachments from the comfort of your home.
  4. Beauty Salons: Many beauty salons in Nigeria also sell hair attachments as part of their services. If you have a favorite salon, they may have a selection of hair extensions for sale.
  5. Wholesale Markets: If you’re interested in buying hair attachments in bulk, consider going to markets where hair attachment are sold in whole sale or contacting the wholesalers directly. This could be more cost-effective if you’re planning to buy in large quantity.

Keep in mind that availability and options may vary depending on your location in Nigeria.  You could check online marketplaces first to see what’s available and then compare prices. And If you prefer to buy from a physical store,then you should inquire from local beauty supply stores or salons in your area.

Different companies that produce attachment hair

‎Bellami Hair

Bellami Hair is known for its wide selection of clip-in hair extensions made from 100% Remy human hair. They offer these different hair extensions in various lengths, colors, and styles.

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is another well-known brand offering clip-in hair extensions. They focus on providing premium quality hair extensions to their customers.They also have different colours,sizesand length.

Darling hair

Darling hair is a well known attachment brand that offers varieties of attachment hair such as wigs,weavons and hair extensions in various colours,sizes,length and styles. They also have attachment in different qualities which are synthetic and human hair.

Price of Hair Attachment in Nigeria

Lush Hair

Lush hair is another well known hair brand that produces hair extensions,wigs and weavons in various sizes,length and colours.

Price of Hair Attachment in Nigeria

Great Lengths

A popular company that specializes in high-quality human hair extensions. They offer a wide range of products and also tells you how to apply them.


Known for their luxury hair extensions and hair thickening systems. They use real human hair.

Balmain Hair

Offers a diverse selection of hair extensions, including clip-ins, tape-ins, and wefts, along with professional tools and accessories for adding hair extensions to the hair.

Expression Hair Attachment

This is another well known hair attachment brand all over Nigeria.They deal in synthetic and human hair of various sizes, colours and length. The x-pression hair attachment has big expression and small expression.

Big and small expression (xpression) hair attachment

Where to buy hair attachment in bulk in Lagos

There are various places where I can buy hair attachment in Lagos. Such places include wholesale markets,local distributors and suppliers and online marketplaces.

  • Wholesale Markets: you could also get hair attachment from wholesale markets that sells hair attachment and other hair accessories in bulk.  Some popular markets for buying beauty and hair products in bulk include Balogun Market, Agbara Market,Badagry Market, Alaba Market and Lagos Island Market.
  • Local Suppliers and Distributors: you could also get hair attachment in bulk from buying from local suppliers and  distributors.They are likely to sell these product at a very discounted rate because you are buying in bulk.
  • Online Marketplaces: you could also get these hair attachment on online market places such as ,, jumia and so on. where you may find sellers offering hair attachments in bulk quantities. It’s good to check if they legit in order not to get defrauded of your money.

Before buying the hair attachment from any of these places mentioned above, be sure to verify if the product is a quality product and also check if the source is a well known source.

Price of hair Attachment in Nigeria

The average price of small expression, lush and darling hair attachments as at today December 7, 2023 is ₦900, while the average price of big expression, lush and darling attachments is ₦1,000. The average price of human hair braided wigs attachment in Nigeria is ₦35,000 while the blend is ₦26,000. Remy hair is made from 100% human hair unlike Futura Hair. Below are the various prices of attachment hair in Nigeria

Price of Hair Attachment & Braided wigs in Nigeria
Hair Attachment Prices
Big expression hair ₦1,000
Small expression hair ₦900
Lush attachment hair ₦900
Darling hair attachment ₦900
Human hair braided wigs ₦35,000


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