Price of Onions in Nigeria

Among the most-consumed foods in Nigeria, onions stand out. They are found in nearly all dishes in Nigeria, both local and intercontinental. This could be attributed to its high demand in Nigeria. It could also be one of the causes of the fluctuation in the price of onions in Nigeria.

How much is the price of onions in Nigeria today? Several factors determine the prices of onions, from your location to the season of the year and the vendor. In this post, we will answer this question and also tell you a little more about onions. The prices are more stable and affordable in northern Nigeria due to their ability to produce almost all food categories and ingredients in the country.

Current Price of Onions in Nigeria

As of June 2024, a 100kg bag of onions sells for anything from ₦140,000 in Kaduna, one of the places where you can get onions at the cheapest prices. One small size of onions goes for a hundred naira, as against three for the same price a few months ago. Similarly, a dustbin basket of onions goes for around ₦5,000, depending on some locations. The prices above also apply to the other northern states, including Plateau, Kaduna, Taraba, and Kano.

The northern states are known for cultivating onions. Because of this, onions are way cheaper there than in the south. Onions get costlier as you move down south. However, in recent times, the price of onions in Nigeria has sky-rocketed due to many factors, like season, festivities, location, vendor, and market forces.

Why the Price of Onions in Nigeria Skyrocketed

One of the causes of onion scarcity in Nigeria is low production during the rainy season. Another is a poor storage system. During the rainy season, only Kano and Kaduna states grew onions, making the supply to be poor enough not to meet demand. In turn, the prices go high and are difficult to purchase. Currently, onion farmers are busy with planting and other farm activities against dry season production. Besides, Nigeria also supplies onions to Ghana and the Benin Republic. However, the major setback is the issue of onion storage. Farmers seek ways to store onions and make them available during scarcity periods. Although Sasakawa Africa (SSA) has attempted to establish aerated onion storage facilities in some onion markets, the number so far is too small to have farmers.

Not to forget, the removal of fuel subsidy affected the price of onions and other commodities from the north, making it difficult to access them at cheaper prices.

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Where to Buy Bulk Onions in Nigeria

Onion dealers buy in bulk. There are many places in the north to purchase from and only a few in the south. However, the north remains the most affordable place but you have to deal with the cost of transporting your goods. You can even buy directly from the farmers in the north. It makes the cost cheaper. However, if you can’t purchase from the north, the locations below have good prices because they are hotspots for wholesale products from the north, including onions:

  • Mile 12, Lagos
  • Bodija market, Ibadan
  • Igbudu market, Delta
  • Nkwo Nnewi market, Enugu
  • Relief Market, Owerri

Nutritional Benefits of Onions

Onion is a vegetable essential in our dies due to its health benefits. It belongs to the Allium family and rich in organic sulphur, a potent anti-cancer and anti-viral ingredient. The phytochemicals in onions enhance the functions of vitamin C in the body and improving the body’s immunity.

Whether raw or cooked, onions are a natural antibiotic, but raw onions are higher in organic sulphur. Preparing its juice with honey as a broth or drinking it alone is a natural remedy for intestine, kidney, throat, respiratory tract, and skin diseases.

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