Price of Paint in Nigeria Today

The price of paint in Nigeria today depends on the brand and quality of the paint. A bucket of paint has different sizes, the 4 litres paint and 20 litres paint. Emulsion paint is one of the best paint in Nigeria. Top paint brands include; dulux paint (available in silk and matt), screeding paint, meyer paint, princess paint, clover paint. They all have emulsion, satin and textured paints.

Top Quality Paint Brands in Nigeria

Dulux Paint

One of the top quality paint brands in Nigeria is Dulux. Dulux Paint is a globally recognized brand and it’s known for its wide range of colors and durability. The brand offers various types of paints including emulsion, gloss, and textured paint, suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Berger Paint

Berger Paints is a reputable brand in Nigeria. Berger Paints has been in the Nigerian market for over 60 years and is known for its high-quality and weather-resistant paints. They offer decorative, automotive, industrial, marine, and protective coatings.

President Paint

President Paints is also a popular choice among Nigerians. This brand is appreciated for its affordability without compromising on quality. They offer a variety of paint types including emulsion, textured, and satin paints.

Meyer Paint

Meyer Paints, formerly known as DN Meyer Plc, is another top-quality paint brand in Nigeria. They offer a wide range of products including decorative paints, automotive paints, wood finishes, and industrial finishes. Meyer Paints is known for its high-quality and durable products.

Prestige Paint

Lastly, Prestige Paints is a brand that has carved a niche for itself in the Nigerian market. Known for its premium quality and durability, Prestige Paints offers a variety of paint types including emulsion, satin, and textured paints.

Spotlight on Quality: Does Higher Price Guarantee Better Paint?

While it’s common to associate higher prices with better quality, this isn’t always the case when it comes to paint. The price of paint can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the brand’s reputation, marketing costs, and the type of paint. Therefore, a higher price doesn’t necessarily guarantee better paint.

Quality in paint is often determined by its ingredients. High-quality paints usually contain more pigment and resin, and less water and fillers. These ingredients contribute to the paint’s color richness, durability, and overall performance. However, not all expensive paints contain these high-quality ingredients, and some budget-friendly options may surprise you with their quality.

The type of paint for example, oil-based paints are generally more expensive than water-based ones, but this doesn’t mean they’re superior. The best type of paint depends on the specific application and the desired finish. Therefore, understanding your needs and doing thorough research is crucial to find the best paint for your project.

In conclusion, while price can be an indicator of quality, it’s not a guarantee. It’s essential to consider paint’s ingredients, the type of paint, and your specific needs. Doing your research and reading reviews can help you find the best quality paint within your budget.

Color and Cost: Does the Choice of Color Affect Paint Price?

In the paint industry, the color of the paint can indeed impact the price. This is primarily due to the types and quantities of pigments used to create different colors. Pigments are substances that absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others, giving paint its color.

Pigments can be organic or inorganic, with inorganic ones typically being less expensive. However, certain colors require more expensive pigments or a greater quantity of pigments, which can increase the cost. For example, reds, yellows, and oranges often cost more because they typically use organic pigments, which are more expensive to produce.

Also the popularity of a color. Less popular colors may be priced higher due to lower production volumes, while more popular colors may be more affordable due to economies of scale. This is because paint manufacturers can produce popular colors in larger quantities, reducing the cost per unit.

Comparative Analysis: How Various Paint Brands Stack up in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the paint industry is diverse and competitive, with several brands vying for market share. Among the top contenders are Dulux, Berger, and President paints, each with its unique pricing strategy and product offerings.

Dulux, a globally recognized brand, is known for its premium quality paints. It offers a wide range of colors and finishes, from matte to gloss. However, this high quality comes with a higher price tag, making Dulux one of the more expensive options in the Nigerian market.

Berger Paints, a brand with a long-standing presence in Nigeria, offers a balance between quality and affordability. Their products are slightly cheaper than Dulux, but still maintain a high standard. Berger Paints are known for their durability and wide range of color options.

President Paints, a local Nigerian brand, is a popular choice for those seeking budget-friendly options. While their prices are significantly lower than Dulux and Berger, they still offer a decent quality product, especially for interior walls.

Other notable brands include Meyer and Prestige Paints. Meyer is known for its eco-friendly products and competitive pricing, while Prestige Paints is gaining popularity for its affordability and quality.

Current Price of Paints in Nigeria

Price of Paint in Nigeria

The price of paints in Nigeria varies significantly due to the brand of the paint, the type of paint, the quality, and the quantity required. Some of the most popular paint brands in Nigeria include Dulux, Berger, and President paints, each with its unique price range.

Paint Brand Quantity (litres)Price (₦)
Princess Emulsion Paints 20 litres 14,000
Dulux Paint 20 litres 81,000
Dulux Paint 4 litres 23,000
Quick Satin Paints 20 litres 45,000
Honey Satin Paint 20 litres 52,000
Quick Antirust paint (oil) 4 Litres 4,000
Prestige Satin Paint 20 litres 50,000
President Emulsion paint 20 litres 30,000
Eagle Emulsion paint 20 litres 37,000
Value Emulsion paint 20 litres 14,000
Honey Paint 20 litres 18,000
Beulah Emulsion paint 20 litres 14,000
Value oil paint 4 Litres 12,000


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