Price of Tomatoes in Nigeria

Of late, price of tomatoes in Nigeria went high, causing many to panic. However, there are more reasons to buy tomatoes than going for alternatives.

If you want to stay healthy, eat your greens. They are essential for a balanced diet because they contain vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are always rich in fiber, aiding digestion and other body functions.

Another important reason to eat vegetables is that they are low in calories and fats. This makes them healthy for the body and soul.

In addition, numerous Nigerian dishes are prepared using diverse vegetables. You will hardly eat food cooked without them. Many of our favorite dishes are prepared using local vegetables.

Among the most sought-after vegetables are tomatoes. They transform soups, stews, and sauces into delicious dishes that nourish the body. When blended with fresh pepper, you can make nearly any delicacy with it. They can go with local vegetables such as ewedu, ugu, shoko, okra, and more, telling amazing stories of tribes and cultures.

The tomato flavor can be tart, sweet or tangy, depending on the species. There’s a variation in the amount of sugar, acid and volatile compounds, which make up the flavor, which is mostly genetically determined.

If the tomato is high in sugar and low in acid, it is termed sweet. If it is the other way around, it is termed bland or tart. But there are tomatoes with equal proportions of sugar and tartness. They are the most preferable and have old-fashioned flavors.

Aside from their flavors, tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant lycopene associated with numerous health benefits. They lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. They also supply the body with vitamin C, vitamin K, folate,  and potassium.

Best Place to Buy Tomatoes

There are many places to purchase tomatoes in Nigeria. The major places you can find good tomatoes at cheap prices is in the local markets, sold by traders. However, you can also purchase them from grocery stores. These supermarkets and local shops are near you. Some shop online and are delivered to trusted vendors. It depends on what you want.,, etc. are good places to purchase tomatoes. They source from the manufacturers and suppliers.

In addition, price of tomatoes in Nigeria vary, based on the location. For instance, those in the north and Middlebelt regions enjoy cheaper prices, while those in the south buy it at exorbitant prices. During the peak season, around December, prices of tomatoes in Nigeria are obtained at giveaway prices.

What is the Current Price of Tomatoes in Nigeria?

Since the end of May 2024, the price of tomatoes in Nigeria has taken another form. It went up by over 100 percent with no justification for the new price. However, traders have attributed the price to regular seasonal price fluctuation due to the quantity of tomatoes in the market. The harvest of the current species of tomatoes is nearly over, resulting in a hike in price. The tomatoes thrive more in the dry season. But let’s face the truth, it has not been this bad before.

We gathered that a basket of premium quality fresh tomatoes, sold for between N50,000 and N80,000 in April, now sells for between N140,000 and N150,000.

On the other hand, lower-quality tomatoes, damaged during the journey from the North to the South, currently sell for around N60,000 to N100,000, depending on the severity of the damage. In April, a basket of similar quality went for N30,000.

Although tomatoes usually take the spotlight, fresh pepper, another valuable ingredient in nearly all Nigerian delicacies, has also experienced a nearly 100% increase over the past month.

This is coming at a time when an average Nigerian is struggling to survive. However, there is hope that with time, prices of things will stabilise, enabling people to afford their favorite vegetables.

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