Affordable Spas in Lagos

There are a lot of affordable Spas in Lagos. These spas offer various spa services such as body massage, facials treatment, etc. Spas are one of the best places to get pampered since, after dealing with the hustle and bustle of living in Lagos, we all deserve to be catered to.

We conducted this research on the best spas in Lagos exclusively for people who aren’t afraid to provide their bodies the comforting and appropriate therapy to relax their body and mind.
You are already aware that Spas allow you to relax and unwind from the difficulties of surviving in Lagos.

So the best spas in Lagos, the best spas in Ikeja, and their prices and affordable prices in Ikeja will be discussed in this article.

Best Spas in Lagos

1. Rejuvenee Spa

They offer a selection of top-notch services that encourage inner peace and general well-being. Inspired by the top faculties, resources, and personnel. They are committed to excellence. Since they have been in the beauty, luxury spa, and leisure industries for two decades, they have developed a synergy of experience while paying close attention to every little thing.
They provide everything from cosmetic dental services to body cleanses, wraps, and rejuvenation treatments for the face. They also include a men’s grooming room, an exercise studio, a weight reduction specialist, a henna lounge, a nail studio, a lash bar, a hair salon, and a terraced private area for small gatherings.
Their employees are well-trained, polished, and welcoming.

2. Studio 6

Among the top contemporary spa services offered at Studio 6 Spa are full-body waxing, makeup application, and hand and foot massages.
With its ultra-modern equipment, you can find this state-of-the-art spa inside Lekki Phase 1.

3. Beseech Beauty

Let me be completely black. With therapies and treatments that adhere to all traditional and cutting-edge local, national, and international norms, Beauty Beseech Spa & Salon is one guaranteed way to renewal.

This exotic spa and salon, which is located in Surulere, is run by some of the greatest professionals in the field and is outfitted with modern amenities for a flawlessly integrated spa and salon experience.

4. Skinglow Therapeutics

The Skinglow Therapeutics is a good bet if you’re looking for a spot in Lagos where you can obtain high-quality spa services to revive, regenerate, and restore weakened strength and lost beauty.

To attain the highest level of client happiness, the beauty center also seamlessly combines Western technology with African medicines and styles.
Skin Glow, which is based in Ikeja, offers a wide range of cosmetics, spa, and makeover services to meet all of your demands.

5. Apples & Orange

The only thing you’ll find at Apples and Oranges are luxurious treatments in a calming, peaceful setting where you can be indulged beyond your taste.

Being one of the earliest salons and spas in Nigeria, it is without a doubt regarded as one of the best salons and spas in Victoria Island.


Prices of Spas in Lagos
Type of Service Price in Naira
Body Massage ₦ 15,000
Facials Treatments ₦ 15,000
Mobile Therapy ₦ 25,000
Great Time Pampering ₦ 10,000
Knuckles Wash ₦ 15,000
Massage Facials & Pedicure ₦ 25,000

Best Spa In Ikeja

Spas in Lagos

1. Bliss Spa

This urban sanctuary provides a full range of spa services, from body treatments with cleansing mud to massages and facials. It’s also seen as one of the best spas in Lagos located in the capital city Ikeja. Bliss Spa is said to be one of the spas in Lagos offering different kinds of body massage.

You can reserve particular services, such as body treatments, facials, and massages. These treatments may include deeply hydrating mixtures, warm steam, extractions, exfoliation, a cleansing mask, massage, deep moisturizing, and so much pampering that your face will feel like butter.

Although the costs are a little high, you can expect a top-notch facial in one of Ikeja’s most beautiful locations.

2. BBNatural Spa

As you travel from the table to the shower and back, some spa treatments resemble arduous workouts more than anything else. The service at BNatural Med-spa is a genuine exercise in relaxation, nevertheless, one of the reasons it is so well-known and has an elite membership is because of its Laser Center, where treatments for stretch marks, skin-tightening, complexion blending, and laser hair removal are performed using cutting-edge laser technology.

Find relief with massages that reduce soreness at a facility that is adequately manned and prepared.

Numerous pre- and post-natal programs that tone the body’s muscles and encourage relaxation are available to expectant and new moms, who can revel in their benefits.

3. Rose and Velvet

Rose and Velvet are one of the best massage spas in Lagos located in Ikeja, which provides a range of treatments, from a straightforward thermal bath and massage to an acne facial treatment, chemical peels, and face skin treatment for this particular group sect, even though life in Lagos is often chaotic and full of working individuals in need of Velvet.

You can unwind, unwind, and immerse yourself in supreme tranquility in each treatment room’s adjacent private bath and change area.

You will gain the benefits of healing and hydration infusion in addition to lightening your skin and spirit.

Affordable spa in Ikeja

1. Biyou Wellness Spas

Ikeja, Lagos is home to the women-only beauty and wellness facility known as Biyou.

They provide spa services like body treatments, massages, facials, skincare products, and weight loss plans. Biyou Spa, which is currently owned by Joyce Busari, also operates a health bistro, a restaurant serving only healthy food, in Lagos.

2. Barazahi

Barazahi is a small urban day spa in Lagos near Lekki Phase 1. They provide procedures and goods to assist you attain your skin objectives.

They have skincare specialists on staff who can advise you on the best at-home regimen to help maintain your skin. Their particular brand of massage ensures circulation improvement and tension relief.

Frequently Asked Questions on Spas in Lagos

Which services do most spas provide?

The following are examples of body treatments: reflexology, waxing, mud baths, salt scrubs, seaweed body wraps, jet baths, saunas, and steam rooms.

Nail services like manicures, pedicures, and paraffin treatments are frequently provided by day spas.

How much is a full-body massage in Lagos?

There are budget spas in Lagos that offer a full body massage for between 16,000 and 30,000 naira. The type, length, and location of the massage will all affect the cost. A longer massage will often cost more, and a session in a posh spa will cost more than a massage at a neighborhood spa.

You should prepare to spend more money—around 50,000—if you want a luxurious massage. However, you should prepare to spend more money—perhaps around 150,000—if you want a simpler massage.


At the time of this research, these spas are evaluated based on Google and user reviews.

Visit one of these spas in Lagos right away to get the greatest body treatment and therapy and escape the tension and clamor of everyday life in Lagos.
When you visit any of them, we hope you enjoy your body treatments and massage therapy.

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