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Top Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Price; Gerard & Nigerite Roof tiles

Recent Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Price has been the subject of discussion for sometime now in Nigeria. There are different kinds of stone coated roofing sheets in Nigeria.

They include nigerite roof tiles, gerard roofing sheets, etc. Gerard roofing sheets come in different colors. Black is the most common colours. Black stone-coated roofing sheets are less expensive than mixed colors.

A sheet of gerard and nigerite roofing sheets measures about 0.5m2. Depending on how many square meters you want to roof, if you want to know the number of stone-coated roofing sheets to buy, divide the total surface area of the roof top by 0.5 (the length of one gerard roof tile)

There are a few roofing sheet companies in Lagos. You can get roof tiles at cheap rates directly from the companies. In this article, we’ll discuss Nigerite and Gerard Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Prices.

Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Price in Nigeria

stone coated roofing sheet price

Roofing sheets is one of the most essential and the most expensive Building Materials in Nigeria. Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Price is high but because of its durability, people prefer it.

Gerard Roof Tiles Price

Gerard Stone Coated Roof Tiles is one of the best stone-coated roofing sheets in Nigeria. This particular stone-coated roofing sheet price is dependent on the type, and also the color. Irrespective of the color, they’re all of the same quality. But the black-colored type seems to be cheaper than the others. Gerard Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Price varies depending on the color.

The average price of Gerard Roof tiles in Nigeria is 4,200 for the black color and 4,500 for other colors.

Nigerite Roof Tiles Price

Nigerite roofing sheets is a very popular roofing sheets company that is commonly used in Nigeria and other African countries.

Nigerite roofing sheets are known for their durability, strength, and resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are designed to protect against rain, wind, and other external elements. The sheets come in various profiles, sizes, and colors, allowing for versatility in roofing design.

Just as Gerard, Nigerite Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Prices vary also depending on the design. The average price of Nigerite roofing sheets price in Nigeria is 4,200 naira.

One of the key advantages of Nigerite roofing sheets is their fire resistance. Fiber cement materials have inherent fire-resistant properties, which can help protect buildings from fire hazards. Additionally, these sheets are also resistant to pests, rot, and corrosion.

Advantages of using Stone Coated Roofing Sheets.

There are several advantages stone coated roofing sheets offers when compared to traditional roofing sheets materials. Though Stone Coated Roofing Sheet Prices are high, yet it’s still preferable due to its quality. Below are some of the highlighted  advantages:

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  1. Durability: When you talk about high-quality materials, then stone-coated roofing sheets come first, such as steel or aluminum, which are highly resistant to weathering, corrosion, and impact. The roofing sheets are made to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including strong winds, heavy rainfall, and extreme temperatures, making them extremely durable and long-lasting.
  2. Lightweight: Besides the fact that they’re durable, stone-coated roofing sheets are very lightweight, which makes handling and installation very easy. One of the biggest advantages of having a very lightweight roof tile is that it reduces the structural load on the building.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Stone-coated roofing sheets are designed to reflect sunlight and minimize heat absorption. This helps to reduce the heat transferred into the building, resulting in lower cooling costs and increased energy efficiency. Additionally, some stone-coated roofing sheets are available with integrated insulation, further enhancing energy efficiency.
  4. Different color Designs: Stone-coated roofing sheets have different colors that you could choose from and that’ll suit your architectural style and personal preferences. Whether you prefer the look of traditional shingles, Mediterranean tiles, or contemporary profiles, stone coated roof tiles have options to suit various aesthetic tastes.
  5. Fire Resistance: Stone-coated roofing sheets are typically manufactured with fire-resistant materials, providing an added layer of safety to your home. They have high fire ratings and can help reduce the spread of flames in case of a fire, offering valuable protection to your property.
  6. Low Cost of Maintenance: Stone-coated roofing sheets require minimal maintenance compared to other roofing materials. They are resistant to moss, mildew, and rot, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and repairs. Additionally, their durable coatings and finishes help to retain their appearance over time, reducing the need for repainting or recoating.
  7. Long-Term Cost Savings: When we talk about stone-coated roofing sheets price, stone-coated roofing sheets are very expensive but they offer significant long-term cost savings because they’ll outlast every other roofing sheet. Their durability and low maintenance requirements mean fewer repairs and replacements, resulting in lower overall costs over the lifespan of the roof.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: Not too many people know that stone-coated Roofing Sheets are made from recycled roofing sheets such as steel or aluminum, which can contribute to reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

Calculation of the number of Stone Coated Roofing Sheets Required for Roofing

A single stone coated roofing sheets has a length range of 4 to 8 ft, and has a width of between 32 to 40 cm. The roof tiles cover an area of between 0.4 to 0.5 sq meters. This is to say that two stone-coated roofing sheets cover a square meter on the roof top.

The number of stone-coated roofing sheets required to cover a meter of roof surface depends on the size and dimensions of the individual sheets. Stone-coated roofing sheets come in various sizes and shapes, so it’s essential to consider the specific product you are using.

To determine the number of sheets needed, you’ll need to know the length and width of each sheet. Once you have that information, you can calculate the coverage area of a single sheet. Then, you can divide the total roof surface area by the coverage area of one sheet to get the approximate number of sheets required.


Here’s the formula you can use:


Number of Sheets = Roof Surface Area / Coverage Area per Sheet

With an average of 0.5m2 per sheet, if you have a roof with a total surface area of 1000m2, then the number of sheets required based on the formula above will be;

number of sheets = 1000m2/0.5m2 = 2000 sheets

Keep in mind that this formula assumes there are no overlaps or wastage in the installation process. It’s always a good idea to consult with roofing professionals or the manufacturer of stone-coated roofing sheets for precise calculations based on the specific product and installation requirements.


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