Where to Buy Cheap Land in Lagos

Places where to buy cheap land in Lagos are located in rural areas of Lagos. Investing in real estate is one of the most profitable business anyone can venture into.

Places like Lagos have real estate companies whereby you can buy land in Lagos and pay by installment. Land, which is a free gift of nature is a very important asset.

Most people in Nigeria deal in real estate, which means they buy land at rural or developing areas, then wait for the land to appreciate in value after some years before re-selling it. People buy half plot of land, full plot of land, acre and hectares of land.

When looking for a place where to buy cheap land in Lagos, then the following places are a good consideration; Badagry, Ikorodu, Ijanikin (Oto Awori), Epe, Shibiri (Imude area), etc.

What to Consider before Buying a Land.

There are so many factors to to look out for when buying a land, especially if the land is to be used for commercial purposes. Before you think of where to buy cheap land in Lagos, you must consider these factors;


This refers to the area where you’re considering buying the land. It’s very important to note the area where you want to purchase the land whether it be for commercial or residential purposes.

The particular location where you buy a land depends on the purpose of buying the land or the available capital.

Land Registration

Check if the land has been registered and make sure that the land documents are very much intact. Check for the legitimacy of the land documents and make sure they’re true and original copies of the documents.

If you aren’t sure about the documents, you can verify them at Lagos State Land registry

Land Ownership

You’ll have to make sure that the land in question has the approval of the rightful owner.  In summary, make sure the owner is aware you’re buying the land. Make sure you don’t buy a disputed land. Don’t involve yourself in any land in dispute, else you’ll spend all your money in court case.

Land Inspection

Carry out a physical inspection before buying the land. Make sure you carry out a physical inspection of the land in question. This is to avoid not buying a land that’s either not in an area of your choice or not what you expected.

While coming for inspection, it’s advisable to come with a lawyer and a surveyor. Land Inspection is best done in rainy season, this is to be able to detect if the land gets waterlogged or erosion ridden during the rainy season.

Checking all these during inspection helps to secure a better property for whatever purpose you have in mind. So you have to put this in mind while looking for a place where to buy Cheap Land in Lagos.

Road Accessibility

In considering where to buy cheap land in Lagos, one of the first things you’ll consider is the road accessibility. Make sure the land has access. There must be a road access to the property you’re buying.

It’s wise to buy land in a place with good roads especially if the purpose of buying the land is commercial. Don’t buy a property without a road access because you might regret later.

Purpose of Buying the Land

When looking for where to buy cheap land in Lagos, you must also put into consideration the purpose of buying the land as to whether it’s for commercial purposes or for residential purposes.

Best Places Where to Buy Cheap Land in Lagos

Lagos state is known to be the center of commerce in Nigeria. So if you’re looking for a place where to buy cheap land in Lagos, then you can consider either rural or developing areas.

In real estate business, you can make more than 10x your investment in just two years. If you’re looking to get a fast ROI, then you’ll need to go into landed property investment.

Most people who buy cheap lands in rural areas of Lagos use it mostly for farming purposes and some would buy and leave it to appreciate before reselling it.

For you not to get defrauded, it’s important to get the actual measurements of the land. There are different land measurements.

The standard measurement of a plot of land in Lagos is 60ft by 120ft.  6 plots make an acre, and 15 plots make a hectare of land. 2½ acres make a hectare of land 

Places to Buy Cheap Land in Lagos

When looking for a place where to buy cheap land in Lagos, you’ll need to consider the following places in Lagos State;

  • Badagry
  • Ikorodu
  • Epe
  • Some parts of Ibeju Lekki
  • Amukoko
  • Ikoga and Mowo in Badagry
  • Mower Ibafo
  • Akute
  • Shibiri (Imude area)
  • Sangotedo
  • Ipaja (Ayobo area)


Consider Badagry as the first place while looking for where to buy cheap land in Lagos. Badagry is a developing area in Lagos where you can get cheap land below ₦1,000,000. Infact there are places in Badagry LGA where you can buy lands as cheap as ₦300,000 per plot.

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