Where to Buy Seafood in Lagos, Nigeria

Looking for where to Buy Seafood in Lagos, then BetaSales Marketplace is best for you. In Lagos, using fish in soup preparation is necessary. Lagos is more accessible to fish than most other southwest states because it is encircled by water and is located close to ports where fish are imported.

Lagos is home to various fish species, including fresh fish like catfish, smoked fish, dry fish, and other imported fish. You can utilize these fish to prepare different foods, particularly regional soups. You may buy seafood and all the other fish you want in Lagos at these large markets.

Where To Buy Lobster In Lagos

You’ll have to consider the following markets while thinking of where to buy seafood in Lagos. You can also Buy Foodstuffs and Seafood online at Betasales

Epe Market

Epe is renowned for its fish market, which exists thanks to the labor of the locals whose livelihoods depend on the lagoon and the fish that live there. Epe is a good place to consider when thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos.

A town called Epe and an LGA may be found in Lagos State, Nigeria, on the other side of the Lekki Lagoon. The Lagos Lagoon lies near this Yoruba community.

Lagos is surrounded by water on all sides, so finding freshwater fish is not difficult, but the fish in Epe Fish Market is unusual. Alligators, snails, tortoises, lobsters, shrimp, and octopuses are exotic games for people with more adventurous palates. But most fish sold here live and swim in ponds or carefully built nets.

Makoko Market

Consider Makoko market while thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos. Buildings that appear to float on water (floating slums) are characteristic of the Makoko people.

Makoko, nevertheless, has a more extended history than only being known for its resilient citizens who manage to stay alive amid the slums. There is a bustling seafood market that supports numerous families’ livelihoods.

Makoko Fish Market‘s location has yet to be discovered. You can find this fish market in the Yaba neighborhood of Lagos. The four options for how to get there are Iwaya, Sabo, Adekunle, or the Third Mainland Bridge exit. The Makoko Fish Market offers seafood, including octopus, fish, lobster, shrimp, and crabs.

Ojah Market

The Ojah market in Badagry is close to the Nigerian border with the Benin Republic. It serves both Nigerians and Beniniens. For the residents of Badagry, fishing is a significant occupation. Ojah market is a good place to consider when thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos.

There, consuming only fish is a common practice, particularly for supper. When you return to Badagry, get fish at this market. It is well known throughout Nigeria that the women of Badagry can produce fantastic smoked fish.

Ijora Market

This market in Iganmu on Lagos Island has all the necessary seafood. Even though most of these items are frozen, there are ways to keep your favorite fish fresh. You’ll have to consider Ijora market while thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos.

Ijora-Olopa, a sizable frozen food market, is located in Lagos. Ajeloro Fish Market at Ijora Coal Wharf is also close by.

Ijora used to be a soggy and swampy village where residents of Lagos Island could travel by boat to their homes. The construction of a railroad terminus at the nearby hamlet of Iddo increased the standard of living in Ijora.

Additionally, frozen seafood was moved to the Ijora harbor, with better storage facilities than at the fish market.

Apapa Fish Market

Under the Liverpool Bridge, near the water, and across from the Liverpool Roundabout, which has a police checkpoint, is where you’ll find the Apapa Fish Market.

The Liverpool market, meanwhile, attracts shoppers from all around Lagos and beyond. The market is highly known for its fresh fish, crayfish, and smoked fish sold locally.

Banks and other establishments, including shopping malls, surround Liverpool Road. The path to the Apapa GRA is one of the busiest. Additionally, in front of the riverfront market, the boat owners encourage customers to use their services immediately.

Dried Fish Market and Where to Buy Seafood in Lagos

Oyingbo Market

The market is well recognized for its wide selection of foods, which include yams, gari, beans, palm oil, pepper, tomatoes, vegetables, seafood, and meats.

Along with the well-known dried and stock fish, Oyingbo market also features a section where you can purchase fresh seafood. These fish are known as Lagos Fish since they were caught in Lagos territorial waters.

Where to Buy Seafood in Lagos

Makoko Fish Market

This fish market is situated in Lagos’ Yaba neighborhood. You have four routes to reach there: Iwaya, Sabo, Adekunle, or the Third Mainland Bridge exit. The current state of the traffic largely dictates my path.

Mushin Market

In the Mushin market, you may purchase any fish at lower costs. You can get fish like dead fish, catfish, and stock fish. You can buy fish from 5:30 in the morning until very late at night. Mushin market is a good place to consider when thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos

Seafood Restaurants in Lagos

Ocean Basket

Where to Buy Seafood in Lagos

It has locations in Victoria Island, and Ikeja is the top seafood restaurant in Lagos. This is because it is a seafood lover’s paradise. Oysters, shrimp, lobster, and crab are just a few of the many seafood dishes available at the restaurant.

Ocean Basket is one of the best places to consider when thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos. Non-seafood options like chicken and steak are also available on the menu. Additionally, it’s a fantastic spot for family dining—your kids will especially enjoy it.

The Sky Restaurant

Sky Restaurant is a good place to consider when thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos. Judging by the name alone, you know you’ll enjoy your meal at The Sky Restaurant.

This restaurant, located on the roof of the Eko Hotel & Suites, provides breathtaking views of the Lagos cityscape while you dine on delectable seafood.

A broad range of seafood dishes, including shrimp, lobster, and crab, are available on the menu. If you prefer something else to seafood, non-seafood options are also available.

Sabor Lagos

Despite its name, Sabor is an Italian restaurant rather than a Spanish one. It is a contemporary, informal restaurant serving various cuisines in Lagos situated on VI (Victoria Island).

The seafood dishes at this restaurant are some of the best you will ever eat. Sabor market is a good place to consider when thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos


Noir is a cutting-edge eatery situated on Victoria Island. Noir Lagos is a first-of-its-kind French-inspired eating establishment that mixes fine food with a lively, welcoming, and cozy atmosphere.

A broad range of seafood dishes, including fish, shrimp, lobster, and crab, are available on the menu. For individuals who don’t like seafood, other non-seafood options are on the menu. Noir is ideal for gathering with friends or family and savoring a sumptuous seafood feast.

Black Olive

There is a classy casual restaurant called Black Olive in Ikoyi, Lagos. The restaurant Black Olive offers a wide selection of international food focusing on healthy eating. The menu offers many seafood dishes, including non-seafood options like shrimp, lobster, crab, and fish.

Black Olive is a good place to consider when thinking of a good place where to buy seafood in Lagos. The Black Olive restaurant is the spot for you if you’re seeking a delectable seafood supper in a casual and welcoming atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nigeria have salmon fish?

Salmon fish. Freshwater fish like salmons or mackerel usually travel to the ocean to spend their adult lives before returning to spawn (in Nigeria, they are known as “Titus”). They are typically harvested from the wild but also grown in fish farms.

How nutritious is dried fish?

To provide high-quality proteins, healthy fats (such as long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and a unique source of vital elements like iodine, zinc, copper, selenium, and calcium, dry fish is becoming an increasingly important factor.

How should dried fish be packaged for sale?

After the fish have finished drying in the smoke, they are packed in branded transparent cellophane or polythene bags to keep out dirt and bacteria. The fish have to be packaged in packs of 250g, 500g, and 1kg.

How profitable is the dried fish business?

The dried fish business is very lucrative. A business coach like Dayo Adetiloye can assist you in getting started with the Implementation of your lucrative dried fish processing and packaging firm.


It’s important to note that seasonality and market conditions can impact the availability and diversity of seafood. For the freshest choices, visiting these markets early in the day is best. Additionally, make sure the seafood you buy is always high-quality and fresh.

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