Where to Sell Online for Free in Nigeria

Looking for where to sell online for free in Nigeria, then you’re in the right place. Betasales is arguably one of the best online marketplaces where you can sell anything for free in Nigeria. We are in an e-commerce era in Nigeria and also worldwide, so small company owners should consider creating an online presence that will allow them to market and sell their goods to a much larger audience.

At Betasales.Ng, you can create a business profile so that your customers will know all about your products and services. This is where to sell used items online in Nigeria. Good online selling platforms in Nigeria will make it free and give sellers full control of their products, and this is what Betasales does.

The main concern will then be how clients will find you online, even though most of you would wish to start by building your site. As a small firm, riding along on the coattails of established e-commerce industry titans is more cost-effective. You may develop your site once you have amassed a sizable online following.

There are several sites and marketplaces to choose from if you want to sell goods online in Nigeria and reach a large audience. These sites offer chances for people and companies to advertise their goods and contact potential customers.

Where to Sell Online for Free in Nigeria

  1. BetaSales.Ng
  2. Jumia
  3. Jiji
  4. OList
  5. Priced Sales
  6. Kusnap
  7. Car45

BetaSales Online Marketplace

Where to Sell Online for Free in Nigeria

Betasales.Ng is one of the most reliable platforms where you can sell your goods for free. It’s the best online buying and selling site in Nigeria. If you’re talking about where to sell online for free, then Betasales should be your first choice. This is because, unlike Jumia where the company takes charge of your products, at Betasales, you’re in full control of your advert. the buyers contact you one-on-one. They collect your phone number and either call you or WhatsApp you.

This is why sellers are advised to use their WhatsApp numbers during registration and also enable WhatsApp in “Settings” from their dashboard. At BetaSales, you can create a business profile if you’re a businessman (All for free), this will explain more to your customers about what what you’re business is all about. Registration and selling on BetaSales is 100% free. You can Register Here to start posting adverts. (Only Businesses based in Nigeria can advertise on this platform)


Where to Sell Online for Free in Nigeria

Jumia is another platform where to sell online for free in Nigeria. Everybody is familiar with Jumia. It’s one of the biggest e-commerce sites where you may sell your goods. It’s also one of the biggest in Africa of its kind.
Jumia makes it simple and quick for small businesses to sell their products. It was introduced in May 2012 and is now recognized as the most popular Nigerian online site.

You will have unrestricted access to your online store through Jumia. It functions as a bridge between you and your customer. When users look for items connected to what you sell, many of your products are presented to them.
Customers will always let you know whenever they place an order. Everyone on Jumia sells almost everything, including electrical equipment, baby supplies, home appliances, phones, computers, gadgets, toys, and more.

Jiji Nigeria

Where to Sell Online for Free in Nigeria

Jiji is a free-to-sell site for online marketing in Nigeria. Jiji was founded in 2014 and you can sell anything on jiji just like Betasales. There is more activity in Jiji than you can imagine. Jiji offers a feature that enables the exchange of goods and merchandise. So if you’re looking for where to sell online for free in Nigeria, jiji is another option.
You can trade your goods for those of a buyer. This buyer could be a different seller. It’s identical to switching.


OList is a free online site where to sell online for free in Nigeria. It’s a dedicated sales section of a Nigerian internet marketplace. You can submit, broadcast, and sell your products on OList.
Additionally, you can provide your services or use one. On this buying website, transactions are incredibly simple.

Priced Sales

Priced Sales is a Nigerian online buying and selling site where you can sell for Free. Priced Sales is another place where to sell online for free in Nigeria.
You can post and sell your things online, just like Jumia, BetaSales and Jiji. Priced Sales combines social media and online shopping aspects. It offers a lot of functionality, which explains why.


A user-friendly online site called Kusnap links buyers and sellers throughout Nigeria. This site uses a beautiful chat and snap-to-sell user interface. You can sell everything, including cooking utensils, technology, accessories, games, and more. Kusnap is one of the places where to sell online for free in Nigeria


Where to Sell Online for Free in Nigeria

The Cars45 online site lets sellers list new or used automobiles that customers can purchase quickly and reasonably.
On Cars45, Nigeria’s most significant automotive auction service, you can quickly sell, exchange, or purchase automobiles for free. Cars45 is where to sell online for free in Nigeria when it comes to selling of cars.


Shopify is a well-known online buying and selling site platform that lets you build an online store, list products, handle orders, and offer various payment methods and interfaces to boost sales. Shopify is actually one of the places where to sell online for free in Nigeria

Best Buy And Sell Online Marketplace in Nigeria

BetaSales Nigeria

Engr. Mathew Okara founded Betasales which is today considered as a very good place where you can buy and sell anything in Nigeria. Betasales is very strict when it comes to detecting seller fraud. They have this method of detecting fraudulent sellers and take drastic action against such people. At Betasales, you cannot sell banned products, only legitimate products allowed in Nigeria are being approved by the admins. In fact, this is the best place where to sell online for free in Nigeria


Sim Shagaya founded Konga, a site with a market for Nigerian goods. Konga enables independent sellers and small enterprises to offer their goods online quickly. An abundance of buyers frequent Konga.

This explains why there are so many buyers and sellers using their site. Buyers interested in what you have to offer when you sell something can see your stuff. Konga can be said to be is one of the places where to sell online for free in Nigeria
Konga and Jumia both sell the majority of the same items. You can trade in various goods, including food, beverages, electronics, home goods, clothing, etc.


PayPorte was introduced in September 2014 and has since flourished to ensure that it serves a broad population that includes children and young urban professionals—the e-commerce behemoth bills itself as Nigeria’s favorite internet retailer. PayPorte is a very good place where to sell online for free in Nigeria
By promoting its products to a larger audience on its platform, PayPorte also collaborates with neighborhood businesses. These companies have the chance to succeed in business, access to clients, and excellent logistics coverage.

Printivo Store

Looking for a place where to sell online for free in Nigeria? Printivo Store is Nigeria’s most well-known online print store is Printivo. Online printing company Printivo offers its clients free templates from designers across Nigeria.
With the help of Printivo Store, designers, and suppliers may sell their prints and creations to people across the nation and earn money doing so. Printivo store is an online marketplace for print designs, unlike other e-commerce websites.


In January 2010, Obiwezy Enterprise was established to become the go-to place for used technology in Nigeria, including smartphones, PCs, smartwatches, iPads, and accessories. It provides clients with the fantastic option to purchase high-quality used phones with warranty coverage and another opportunity to assist customers in exchanging their old phones for new ones.
Obiwezy offers repair, consultancy, and after-sales services to satisfy its customers’ significant technological needs. So you can check it out if you’re looking for a place where to sell online for free in Nigeria.



Unquestionably one of Nigeria’s top online buying and selling sites for men’s clothes, Ajebomarket was established in July 2013 and clearly aimed to dominate Africa. It’s a nice place where to sell online for free in Nigeria. Both adults and teenagers can purchase its high-end stuff.
When buying fashionable items for guys, such as apparel, accessories, shoes, or bags, check Ajebomarket first.


One of the most popular online retailers in Nigeria is Kara.com.ng. With thousands of visitors daily, Kara.com.ng provides various products at some of the finest prices, ranging from electrical and power supplies to mobile phones.
Additionally, Kara has a marketplace where other entrepreneurs can offer their goods.


Another well-known online buying and selling site in Nigeria is OLX. It offers a forum for people and companies to sell new and old goods. On OLX, you may post free ads and contact potential customers. But Jiji has acquired OLX so it’s no longer available.


In Nigeria, VConnect serves as an online business directory and marketplace. It enables companies to list their goods and services without charge. You can register for a free account on VConnect and start selling your goods there. I’ts also a good place where to sell online for free in Nigeria


MoboFree is a social marketplace in Nigeria where you can buy and sell goods. It provides a free marketplace for people and companies to sell goods. On MoboFree, you may make listings and communicate with potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

where can I sell my stuff online for free in Nigeria?

betasales.ng is the best place where you can sell your stuff for free in Nigeria and also have full control of your adverts.

Which Nigerian online retailer is the biggest?

Nigerian marketplace Jumia. The biggest online retailer in Nigeria is Jumia. We provide a platform—the Jumia shopping website—where clients in any area of Nigeria can browse and shop for anything they need in one online store.

Is it free to sell on OList?

Olist. Ng is a reputable free online marketplace in Nigeria and a website for posting free online classified advertising created exclusively for consumers and corporations to advertise, market, buy, or sell goods and services. Take advantage of the best deals on OList automobiles.

Which country is Jiji owned by?

Nigeria. The CEO of the business, Anton Volianskyi, created Jiji in Lagos, Nigeria in 2014. Jiji launched the Jiji blog initiative in the fall of 2015, offering readers news, tips, and information on business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, and more.

Which online store is the wealthiest?

With a global revenue of US$131,019 million in 2021, Amazon.com is the market leader in e-commerce. JD.com is in second place with US$118,515 million. With sales of US$51,950 million, apple.com takes third place.


Before you begin selling, remember to properly read and comprehend the terms and conditions of each platform. Additionally, observe local rules and regulations regulating internet sales and take appropriate safety precautions while interacting with potential customers.


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